Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another week...

Okay, I had an absolutely insane week and got no work done whatsoever, so blogging sank to the bottom of the list.
M is out of town again for another week. I have found that I have a really hard time sleeping when He's gone. The dogs always bark more than usual and somehow it's stressful knowing I am solely responsible for the safety of the boys. Before we discovered ttwd, it didn't bother me so much. Now, having Him home at night, or at least knowing that He's coming through the door at some point makes me feel ridiculously secure. Our current situation is probably going to last for a couple of months, so I'm trying to adjust quickly lol.
I scared M last week. We have been having a rough time and He's been pretty down, but He never seems scared no matter what happens. I felt so bad. I was breaking up a dog fight while He was out of town and got bit on the lower leg. I pretty much just ignored it and took it easy for the rest of the day. That night it swelled up insanely bad and things that felt and looked like bone started pushing out of the side of my leg. Now, I'm not one for the hospital, especially since the closest one is rather infamous for their shitty ER Dr's. But I was home alone with the kids, I could feel that unpleasant sensation of shock, and my boy was freaking out. I called M's sister and she came to get me (I owe her flowers big time, she had to drive for hours after she dropped me off at the hospital around 12 am). I called M to tell Him what was going on and ask Him what hospital He thought I should go to. Unfortunately, I wasn't my normal non-panicky self due to the shock. He drove all night to get here even though I told Him not to (okay, I felt really loved, but still guilty). By the time it was all said and done, I was almost disappointed my damn leg wasn't broken. I felt like I had freaked everyone out for nothing. I have a piece of bone floating around and my tendon was bunched up with some pretty bad muscle crushing.
We are quite short on fun around here these days, with all the back and forth and life changes going on. Our 12th anniversary is in a few weeks so hopefully we will get a chance to have a day to ourselves. My dad has been all pissed off at M over stupid shit, so I don't know if we will be able to get the grandparents to babysit or not though.
Wow, my blog is boring even to me these days. Life has this knack of getting in the way all the time lol. We need a night to ourselves!

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