Thursday, June 17, 2010

Such a vanilla life these days...

Got to hang out with my sister and niece all day yesterday. It was great to watch the kids all run around and play. Of course, when the little ones decided the house was a jungle gym at 11:00 PM, I think we were both ready to put ourselves in the corner with earplugs lol. All in all, it was a great day though. They spent the night and I slept like a rock. When it comes to my sisters, I have always been the adult looking out for them. Somehow just having another grownup in the house at night is amazingly for my nighttime stress levels though and I slept like a rock.
I still have not heard from M yet today. I'm sure He worked really late last night though so I will await His call tonight. M put His old truck back together so I wouldn't be stuck out here without the car. It's a great feeling knowing I Can leave the house, even if I don't lol. I do feel bad for M though, that truck is a Frankenstien, it's been rolled, sat for three years, the headlight is taped in, and the heater doesn't turn off which has to be absolutely brutal in this heat.
Trying to make plans for fathers day now. M will be home saturday, probably in the early AM hours so no doubt He will sleep for the first part of the day anyways. I was able to scrape up enough money for milk And a card yesterday, so we're good to go lol.
Life seems so vanilla and bland lately. A while back I decided that the purpose of life was to experience the vast range of emotions and things life has to offer (yea yea, I had the world figured out for a whole day. Maybe next time it will be 2 lol). Then we immediately got hit with a vast range of awful experiences and emotions so I'm not a huge fan of my theory any more lol. Anyways, I miss M dreadfully which is silly because He's only been gone like 26 hours, but there you have it. I guess it's better to be silly and miss someone than hate the person you are married to right?

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