Friday, June 18, 2010


You are my shell of sanity
in an insane world
You are my truth in a world of lies
You make me better than I was
better than I could have been
together we explore this thing some call sin
the fantasies within
You are
my husband
my Master
my life
You define me
I wear the marks of Your pleasure proudly on my flesh
Your hands wrapped firmly around my neck
I am
Your playground
Your wife
Your property
Your whore
dreams of You keep me awake at night
as I wait for Your touch on my skin
Your breath on my neck
Your hands in my hair
Your nails digging into my legs
as You place them where You please
I live to look up at You
place my head on Your shoulder
knowing that when we are older
You will still be here
forever my owner
You are
my lover
my protector
the light in my dreams
in this cold world where so little is as it seems
You are more important to me than the air I breath
You are
everything I need
I miss You.

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