Sunday, November 21, 2010

Damn sandbox...

"When are you going to learn little one, that there's times to talk back, in fact, there's times when i expect it, and there's times when you do not talk back, you just do as you are told. Your only reply is 'yes Master'." Ouchhhh. i'm a slow learner.
The edge is a very fine line. It's like balancing on a string and not falling off. Honestly, i don't know how He walks that line but it impresses the shit out of me and i'm very greatful for the balance He keeps us in.
He walked up behind me and grabbed my hair. Pulling my head back, He whispered in my ear "I'm going to fuck you, and while I'm doing it, I'm going to be thinking about fucking another woman." i sputtered and pointed out the rudeness of it all. He laughed, "and you're going to be thinking about it too." Wtf...As He slid into me He made sure we were thinking the same fantasy..."We are going to go see her, have some food and coffee, then drive to a remote place. On the way, I'll get her hot and bothered while you squirm. When I stop the car I'm going to tie you to the front bumper, squatting with your hands tied above your head. I'm going to grab her by the throat and push her to her knees. Inches from your face, I'm going to slide my cock down her throat. When she does a good job, i'm going to pull out of her mouth and explode in yours."
"Now, next time you talk to her, you are going to tell her all of this. And then, you are going to ask her what she thinks."
Sadistic bastard.

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