Sunday, November 14, 2010


After my rant, i was able to think more about why i am really having a hard time with my job (besides the obvious dispute over the kiddo). My least favorite thing isn't emptying urinals, sticking my hand down toilets (because toilet brushes are "unsanitary"), mixing up enemas, or cleaning them up afterwards; it's putting on his shoes. Sounds silly right? To me, being on my knees (or a similar position) putting on a man's shoes is a deeply submissive type of service. i let shit slide; his jokingly suggested idea that i wear a french maid outfit, his requests that i (not either of the other older or male attendants) apply lotion for him (something he is quite capable of doing himself), and his comments the one time i wore one of my shirts to work ( i usually wear M's work shirts, they are far to big for me and hide any semblance of shape lol). Dunno, i just hate feeling excessively service oriented in my job. It's service oriented work, maybe i'm just not cut out for it. It feels to...personal these days.
I hate shoes.

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