Friday, November 5, 2010

Personals ad

Okay, before i get going here, i am sure that my sense of humor will not go over well with some, in which case flame away lol. Just keep in mind that chances are, any Dom or sub who actually practices what they preach and has spent too much time perusing the personals on Fetlife (i gotta take a break, it's making me cynical lol), is likely to understand where i'm coming from here even if they don't agree with my approach.

22 f sub seeking master for RL TPE:
I am new to the lifestyle but eager to learn. I'm looking for someone to use and abuse me for their pleasure. Willing to do anything. My hard limits are: watersports, cooking, cleaning, sharing, being used when I really want to sleep, being treated like a dirty whore, anything that doesn't fit in my box of what I think submission should be, and men over 25 (I forgot that there's necrophilia, pedophilia, beastiality, bloodsports, etc.). Master message me now, I am eager and waiting to do anything you want!

22f sub meet the master of your dreams...

19 year old master seeking slave for RL TPE:
I weigh 200 pounds, am 5'2 1/2", live in my moms basement (it's temporary I swear), I have a great picture of my cock on my profile (don't worry about the length, I'll make up for it in width),
I have a vast amount of experience with all forms of the lifestyle from bondage to jacking off, and I will make all your dreams come true. Message me NOW whores!

Uhhhh, i have no labels for this. Would it be taking things to far to post this on Fetlife?


  1. LOL are those real? I hope your having better luck then that on your search for a "sister sub" have you tried any place other then fetlife? we are on a few BDSM dating sites.

  2. Lol, not quite real. They are mockeries of a few of the ads i read. i took a couple creative liberties and introduced them to eachother--i think it's a match made in heaven. And no, my lucks not that much better lol.
    Got any other site suggestions for me? Pleaseeeee lol.


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