Friday, November 5, 2010


An hour ago i was in a pretty damn good mood. Sure, we're broke, and the people who owe us money aren't paying up, but we have been spending a hell of a lot more time together which is all i really truly want from life. But for fucks sake, enough is enough! My washing machine apears to be broken. I have 2 and 7 year old boys and a pile of dirty laundry that doubles in size each day it's not washed. I value my damn washing machine and i want it to work damnit! Ironically, i found the manual while searching for something else last week. Can i find it now? Oh hell no, of course not. i can't even figure out wtf the "OE" on the display means. Just kill me with my own dirty laundry now lol.
Oh yea, and i had one razor left to shave with and it's now wedged between the back of the dresser and the file cabinet.

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