Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blogging and the inherent judgment of human kind

Us humans are a judgmental lot. i was reading kk's blog, sweet submission this morning, and i was reminded of the ever-present tendency for those who have no say in our lives to tell us we are not submissive enough. The funny thing is, such assertions are generally made online--the place where you find a plethora of preening "Doms," each claiming to be the best you have never seen. Yes, a blog is a public forum. By writing in it, you are inviting the outside world to take a peek into your life. Sometimes it's difficult not to adjust your writing for your readers. Especially when your most loyal reader happens to be  the one person who's opinion matters most--your Dominant. But as an avid read of BDSM oriented blogs (M pointed this out the other night in a far to satisfied way), i can honestly say that my favorites are the ones who are written by those who blog for themselves regardless of what others may think or want to read. It's the blogs that show an honest expression of who that person is that i find most fascinating. As a blog writer, i find it loses personal benefit as a form of retrospection if i begin adjusting it for others. After all, isn't it kind of the point to use ones blog as an avenue of sharing the truth and self-introspection?
Anyways, i suppose it's rather redundant to blog about blogging lol.
M and i were talking last night in bed. i very much like it when He talks to me, not such a huge fan of being forced to participate in the conversation lol. i asked Him why He made me admit to being such a whore. his reply was "because if you are hiding the truth from me, you're also hiding it from yourself. If you know why you do something it's much easier to control. When people don't know Why they do what they do or are the way they are, that's when we fuck up the most. Because we have lied to ourselves, we don't know who we truly are." Now how is a used and mostly incoherent sub supposed to comment in a conversation like that?


  1. It might be redundant to blog about blogging, but I think all writers think and write about their writing, it's just that there's a more immediate feedback with blogging.

    And it's very hard to write just for yourself, or perhaps I should put that in the first person and say it's very hard for ME to write just for myself. i am often influenced by knowing that specific other people will read it.

    Love your blog.

  2. i try to write for myself. i often do write for Him though (not a super good communicator lol). i think you can be influenced by knowing who will read it and still write for yourself.
    Glad you like the blog. Yours is one of my favorites.

  3. I love your blog even though it is new to me. I love your honesty and that you don't sugar coat things. This is real life, the good and the bad. I like that you blog about both.

    1. s.t.
      the timing of your comment is serendipitous--the anonymous spam comments have been getting to be a little much, and I was considering disabling anonymous comments to avoid the fuss, but in retrospect, I think I'll leave them enabled lol.

      Thank you for your compliment on the blog.
      Life is never just one thing, and I think it would be a disservice to both my readers and myself to sugar coat it.
      If one is too busy pretending perfection, it makes evolving pretty impossible!


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