Friday, December 24, 2010


My boss gave me a Christmas present. A very nice, thoughtful, personal present. i'm not really sure how to feel about it though. One of our male friends would never get me a haircut. In my world, men you're not married to give you things like dishes or blankets. So, while the gift was nice, thoughtful, something i need but would never get myself, it made me a bit uncomfortable. To put it into context, my employer is an avid romance reader, looks for any excuse to insert "baby" into a sentence, and is mostly bed-bound so he has more contact with me than any one else. And unfortunately, i'm about the only thing in his life that he has any control over so he excersizes it with gusto. i go out of my way to dress down for my job in an effort to be completely sexless (which is kind of a double edged sword for me, it's hard to feel sexy when you spend most of your days attempting Not to be sexy lol). When i told M about the gift, He raised His eyebrows and offered up nothing other than a disapproving frown and "he's a bit sick and twisted if you ask me. I told you you're a fantasy for Him." A comment that i responded adamantly to with, "i prefer to think of it as just a nice gift." But still...


  1. It does seem too personal a gift for a boss to give. I wonder if he asked a female for ideas and she came up with it?

  2. Unfortunately, i'm about the only female he has contact with and i'm 99.9% sure he came up with it on his own...


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