Saturday, October 29, 2011


Sometimes I think we are like magnets--When turned just a little bit wrong, they push away from each other as opposed to drawing each other closer.

My polarity has been all fucked up or something...And we aren't clashing, but we aren't drawn together like we should be.

Maybe all that much-needed leniency went to my head (just maybe. Ahem).

Regardless of the cause, I am not where I should be and haven't been for some time. So, brimming with brilliantly regrettable ideas, I suggested that Alpha tighten up the reins. He raised His eyebrows and pointed out that I didn't need new rules, I needed to follow the ones I have.
I didn't want new rules anyways! But ummm, yea I may have consistently forgotten a couple.

Consequences are going to be more severe and I am getting my shit together.

When I'm back here whining about the inhumanity of not being able to take a piss without permission, don't remind me that it's my own fault mkay?


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...ummmm, I'm a brat, so I am soooo gonna remind you!!!


  2. OK... but just so one knows where the line is, will it still be OK to laugh (sympathetically of course) and point?

  3. Awww, see? You do know what you need. :D

  4. i promise not to say 'i told you so'. And i'm sooo not crossing my fingers behind my back, really.

    On another note, it's brave of you to step forward and ask for more discipline...the strength that helped you do that will help you get back into your proper headspace, yeah?


  5. mkay!
    lol I know what ya mean :S

  6. Sympathetic lot eh. LOL.

    lm, back at ya

    Kicks kelly and looks innocent

    Master's piece, silent laughing and pointing only!

    Vixen, well yes...But it's sooo much easier not to say it!

    Pepper, uh huh, I can see the crossed fingers you know!
    I don't know that bravery is quite the right term...More of a "this isn't really working suck it up" kind of thing perhaps?
    And I wanna be back in the proper headspace so bad it had better help!

    Naida, finally--someone who won't point and laugh! Well, at least someone who might not tell me when she does lol.

  7. Thinking how brave it was for you to ask for the reigns to be tightened, but you know of course, that it's gonna help :)

    Dee x


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