Friday, October 7, 2011


~I told my chiropractor I had "real sex" for the first time since my accident. Ten minutes later it was my turn to cringe when she told me "your occipital bones are like holy shit out of whack. One sides an inch higher than the other!" No wonder it hurts like hell...

~Alpha finished His job so payments are due (both literally and figuratively).

~We just brought in another 200 or so pounds of tomatoes. They are merely here to compliment the 7 boxes and twelve bags that already own my living room. Seriously, I hate vegetables. I'm going purely carnivorous.


  1. You need one of those tall training collars that keep yOu from being able to move your neck/turn your head at all. Maybe a corset done up tight to keep the rest of the spine aligned. Glad I could help ;)

  2. 200 lbs of tomatoes? Wow. When they come in, they really come in. I have a photo somewhere of my kitchen table covered in them.

  3. (gg is so VERY helpful, isn't she?...)

    My chiro just keeps telling me, "Your problem is too much damned leg!"
    That's not really all that helpful, can I just mention.

    I'll send you my address - you can shoot about 15 lbs of those tomatoes over here. My crop was crap this year.

  4. At least your chiropractor isn't pushing you to get pregnant. Mine is also a self admitted sadist and constantly reminds me I'm a I just gotta wonder about him, lol. He does wonders though!

    Sheesh that's a lot of tomatoes! I can't imagine dealing with that many!

  5. Holy moly, 200 lbs of tomatoes? We're down to our last couple dozen--I'm making fresh salsa tonight to take advantage of the last of this summer's crop. You, on the other hand, are just getting started! 200 lbs would make a lot of salsa. Somebody order up a dump truck load of tortilla chips to go with it!

    Hope your back feels better!

  6. greengirl, lol. I just don't know what to say...Your thoughtfulness is um, overwhelming in a "so glad I'm not on the christmas list" kind of way.

    Conina, yea, they are covering almost every square inch of my kitched lol.

    Jz, oh yes, She's helpful in a "oh that hurts? Let's just chop it off" kind of way lol.
    Um, to much leg? perhaps they're to long?
    May I subscribe to greengirls theory of helpfulness and suggest shortening them slightly?

    cuddlykitten, ooh. I thought they weren't supposed to admit to being sadistic?

    Jake, I'm having fantasies about being down to the last couple of dozen lol. At that point I will probably panic about all the things that didn't make it in before frost lol.

  7. I'm laughing at "I hate vegetables". That would be a LOT of salsa!

  8. sin, it's really terrible lol, because there are some awesome vegetables coming out of that garden. I actually picked the tomaoes out of my dinner the other night lol.


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