Sunday, October 2, 2011

Random nothings...

He's been so tired I haven't been getting so much as a second glance...In all fairness, He's only had two days off in three weeks...But still, the attention whore in me is about to stage a mutiny.

Which in all likelihood, would be completely ignored until a later date...When I have accumulated enough points to really regret it and it's to late run away screaming that I wasn't That bad lol.

The thing about mutiny is that it sounds reasonable when thinking about staging one, completely justifiable even...And then suddenly, when the hanger comes out and it's bottoms up? It becomes clear that a fatal error in judgement has occurred.


  1. Yes, the mutiny can feel soooo justifiable in the moment, especially when it's been stewing in your mind for weeks!

    Rarely, if ever, have I found it to be a fruitful effort. That's a nice way of saying that it blew up in my face!

    I'm feeling you though, lil! Here's hoping that Alpha gets some time off in the near future! :)

    All my best,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. i feel your pain, lil. i've got so much accumulated punishment stacked up, i probably won't be able to sit for week. at least.
    as soon as His teeth are done....i'm done for. i'd advise
    digging a hole or savage weeding as therapy, to avoid any unpleasant consequences.

    Here's to your rear! :-p


  3. Baby girl,
    Right? It's amazing how fast that justified feeling disapears once they have had enough lol. And His project is almost over, so we'll both be jobless for a while and probably wishing He was working crazy hours again in a couple of months lol.

    pepper, savage weeding therapy...I wonder if that could be marketed, kind of like a diet plan for the brain? And it may be to late to avoid consequences...Digging a hole?! Hey, if I'm gonna be buried, He has to do the dirty work Himself lol.

  4. Very very familiar with both mutiny and coat hangers! Don't recommend either :)

    He'll come around soon. Sometimes the most precious gift we can give is our patience when they don't necessarily deserve it.


  5. Stormy,
    Not really worth it is it lol.
    The worst part? He does deserve my patience this time.
    Thanks for stopping by.


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