Friday, October 28, 2011

Final score

Final score in the battle of lil versus vegetables:

24 pints salsa
25 quarts tomato sauce
14 quarts pickles
12 freezer bags grated zuchini
13 pints frozen spinach
15 meals frozen calabacitas
7 quarts dried tomatoes
18 pumpkins
16 acorn squash

Haha, I win!
We will be ignoring the four shoe boxes of tomatoes and several rows of spinach that didn't make the cut (lame pun intended).


  1. You can ship it all to...

    LOL good work!


  2. You Da Woomahn!!!!!

    Rock on, you. Good job!

  3. Ill take some free vegetables. Lol. Wow thats a lot though. I have a feeling Master and i may look into that at some point in time as a way to get our vegetables. Fresh corn sounds good right about now...

  4. Very impressive, lil. Even if I combine my points with Joy's, you still beat our combined score for this year's garden by a mile! Except for hot peppers, though...I believe we had enough hot peppers this year to heat all of the western US from now 'til year end.

    Anyway, nice job. We'll see if we can give you more of a run for your money with next year's garden!

  5. You'll be glad of all your hard work when you're enjoying fresh veggies all winter long!

    Great job!


  6. Jiminey crickets that's a lot of veggies! Good job.


  7. Conina, yea, it's worth it in restrospect lol.

    Mindset, lol!

    Jz, thank you. I may even begin eating tomatoes again lol.

    Lil one, corn is one of the things we didn't get this year--we tried to sprout really old seed and it just wasn't viable any more. Next year!

    Jake, oh I took Alpha's score too lol. I apparently make the worst fresh tomato sauce in the world (quite a blow for a competitive sub who likes to think she can cook), and I can't open and close our pressure canner lol.
    We had absolutely no peppers this year but that is one of those things we want on the list next year.

    Sky, yes, midwinter is when it all pays off! Especially for someone like me who kind of enjoys hoarding food lol.

    Kelly, it is a lot of veggies lol. Just glad it's overrrrrrr (for now anyways).

  8. viemora, Thank you! We tried lol.


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