Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sometimes it is what it is...And sometimes hormones are not your friends

"I love that you think and question things baby. But no one can be everything all the time. And that's okay. It is what it is."

It is what it is.

And I think I need to work on the ability to accept that.

But this time? This time I think it's safe to say that hormones are not my friends. And it had actually occurred to me that I was feeling a bit PMSish. But I thought "no I still have more than a week left before the monthly hell hits!"

And my dear body replied. It said "fuck you bitch, back to a three week cycle. how do you like that!"
I don't like it. Not in the least little bit tyvm.
Ironically, it has taken me many years to recognize the signs--of how hormones are really shitty friends and they like to fuck with me.

But the concept of "it is what it is," is just so much more interesting. Because I have a hard time just accepting things. I can analyze something to death. Alpha says that isn't always necessary. And He's right.

I guess it is what it is. This time? It was hormones from hell lol.


  1. "hormones are shitty friends" Once I stopped laughing, and could pick myself up off the floor, I wanted to cry.

  2. The sad thing is they never go away! Even after aunt flow stops the hormones rage on.

    But I must admit, in my household pms stood more for pubescent male syndrome at least while boy was growing up!

  3. Hahaha... it seems it must be the moon? I too found one week early hormones to be making me overly sensitive lmao ugh

  4. How odd...My period arrived a week early this month too, and my cycle is usually very consistent. I think Naida might be on to something....

  5. Holy-WTH-Batman...add me to the "scratching her head and saying, 'not already'" cycle this month.

    Bah...I hear normal is over-rated anyway.


  6. HAHAHA I'd have to say with so many of us having the same issue, we're all normal and holy crap batman as well. Good thing we're not all in the same house or there would be feathers flying? haha.

  7. Yea - um - me too. Very strange. Ruined a perfectly good no kids, whole night with just my husband! It is what it is didn't quite soothe either of us.

  8. Seriously...men really should have to go through having a cycle and having PMS and having to feel your body ovulating. I mean we really only get a break maybe once a month!!

    I know how you feel though. I never had PMS until about 3 years ago and now it is horrid and am only allowed to take Tylenol. WHAT?!?!?

    So hang in there kiddo.


    ~No Worries

  9. lm, lol. Fun huh.

    Mindset, oh we have plenty fo that to, with a "pre" attached lol.

    Naida, K, and C, Well, misery loves company so at least I'm not alone lol.

    gg, Ooh, that is absolutely the worst. I try to plan those rare nights around times when I am sure the monthly timing is right...It's like a sign to the Gods or something, that they need to switch things up on you. Hope you guys get a redo soon!

    Kelly, I'm proably gonna pay for this later lol, so I'll just say, the wherewolf comes out every full moon around here and I think it's quite comparable to PMS.
    Only tylenol?? Please tell me that includes midol...

  10. Oh I hear ya and sympathize... Although I'm happy to say that for once I had a normal cycle and it arrived exactly after 28 days. Now I'm just wondering if it was a fluke.



  11. turia, It gets difficult to keep up with doesn't it lol.


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