Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This and That...

While I'm still hanging on by bleeding fingernails attached to the idea of Alpha not redoing the floor, I have to say that the laundry room is coming along nicely. Ooh what a novelty--there will no longer be a washer and dryer in the living room. Though the amount of laundry I'm going to have to do to make up for the down week is literally haunting me in my sleep...

And I think that the more trashed my house gets, the more obsessed I become with cleaning other people's houses. I'll be cleaning my moms stove tomorrow lol. Though I do have big plans around cleanliness when my living room no longer looks like a construction site...Can you say issues?

In other random news, I have to go back for another round of trigger point therapy tomorrow. Not the nice kind where it feels like they are trying to rip out your muscles--the kind where some strange man sticks needles in and moves them around with a dose of Novocaine until you think you're gonna pass out and feel like vomiting for three days afterwards.
I'm honestly not quite sure what my big problem is with it...It's not like it even hurts much (until the Novocaine wears off and you have to go to work the next day anyways).
Maybe it's partially because I really prefer to only have women all over my business when wearing one of those snazy hospital gowns, and I'm not a fan of feeling like crap?
The only person I want sticking things where they don't belong is my husband lol. Though in theory, it's going to do wonders for my hips and lower back!

Now I'm off to tape up drywall while he hovers and tells me that I'm doing it wrong. He's already taken the tape away twice and I've only put up two pieces!


  1. That's how I finally got my bathroom fixed!!! I picked up the wrench myself and began to dismantle the plumbing. They have manly man job radar, and he couldn't possibly let me do the job, 'cause I'm a girl doncha know, and girls can't plumb, apparently.

    (I'm a smart girl, though, I didn't want to replace the sink myself anyway)

    1. Monkey,
      I have to admit, he's incredibly good when it comes to construction. I was trying to work off my guilt for abandoning him t his work at midnight last night lol.

      Procrastination seems to be an issue...But in all fairness he's been exhibiting a notable lack of it since he tore out the side of my house lol.

      And sinks...Ugh. Bathrooms on the back of the list right now, but our drainage system is currently a bucket. Plumbing makes him exceptionally cranky lol.

  2. are you doing home improvements too?

    and yes. i've sorted out my sister's wardrobe while i've been here, hiding away from my own house and the massacre that's currently my bathroom...

    and i've taken to folding laundry and sorting towels. and picking up stray bits around the house. and oh dear... i'm making myself at home!!

    good luck with the taping.

    1. Fondles,
      yep. How come "improvement" means destruction first??

      I'll get over my conniption when the living room is one piece again. It's a bit hard to run away from lol.

      Your sister's house will be looking extra nice at least!

  3. Good luck with the taping. I know the feeling about "you're doing that wrong". I get that until he finally asks me to go find something else to do.

    Hope the trigger therapy works.

    1. sunnygirl,
      I got to finish the taping! Well, except for the ceiling part because I'm no good for reaching up. And the corners because he's picky...But all the straight lines below head level were mine!

      I hope so too. Thank you.

  4. That's how i got my bathroom fixed too! I started tinkering and it set off Lyon's radar. I hope the trigger point therapy works *wonders* sounds like it had better do that if it's going to be worth all the pain! I'm not a fan of hospital gowns either. (Of course, i don't know anybody who is, come to think of it...)

    Hang in there! Sending you good chi.


    1. Kytten,
      Construction really is Alpha's thing. But if it doesn't involve rocks, he can get cranky pretty fast lol, so I try not to tinker around too much.

      I hope the therapy works too. And the gowns...I'm a small person and they always give me a medium with missing Velcro...The results are exceptionally revealing in an entirely unflattering way lol.

      *Takes the good chi from kytten and throws it straight into the living room. Whadya know, progress!

  5. Ah! But it must be so convenient to have laundry in your living room :P Having lived through renovations, I don't envy you.
    Hopefully the trigger point will be as pain-free as possible..or at least bring about good relief :o)

    1. BleuAme,
      lol. Yet ironically clothes still don't make it into the basket. At one point I had a laundry basket in every room of the house...They served as rather ugly decorations. Somehow it's less offensive picking clothes up off the floor when said clothes aren't right next to a laundry basket lol.

      The trigger point did work pretty well last time. I tried to wheedle my way out of doing it again but the woman who regularly holds my life in her hands and cracks my neck insisted.


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