Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ooh La La...

We did something irresponsible...And it's awesome.

Anyone who has spent twelve years sleeping on a pillow-top mattress with a large man can tell you--it's great for the first few years. After 12 years? It's lumpy, you roll to the center, and you fold like a tortilla the instant you lie down. There's also this annoying recurrence of waking up feeling far worse than you did when you went to bed.

We bought a king size mattress. And it's awesome. Even if it wasn't the most financially responsible choice to make in mid-winter.
Okay--technically, we slept on the foldout couch last night so I still have no idea how glorious the mattress is. Something stupid in the instructions about letting it re-form for 24 hours...

But I know it's going to be wonderful. Not just the new mattress, but the fact that there's so much space on it! See, Alpha likes to sleep with his elbows out. He has long arms, and I often roll over and give myself a good blow in the side of the head. But now...

The arrival of aforementioned mattress also meant doing some rearranging in the house, an activity that is not often allowed around here. So it's a win win!
In the process of rearranging, I found the riding crop that has been missing in action for months...

Ooh la la...

It is bedtime yet?


  1. Hot diggety!
    Let them good times roll!

  2. Good for you, enjoy the new mattress :) Though I don't see anything irresponsible about a good night's sleep, it's critical for good health yanno.

  3. Wow, a win win. Maybe Alpha will even let you arrange things more often to find more lost items.

  4. Well the amount of times your background changes here more than makes up for not being able to re-arrange so much at home lol

    I agree with faerie its not being irresponsible, a good nights sleep is crucial...enjoy!


  5. So jealous!!! A new bed and a riding crop! Dragon says once we move in together we have to get a new mattress!

  6. Some things are very important: Good nights rests, good mattresses, riding crops, just to name a few.
    Are those 24 hours gone yet?

  7. OH YEA!!! I ADOOOOORE my bed...Sir Adores his bed...we adore our bed. When we travel we reaffirm EVERY night how much we love our king size spectacular bed. It makes such a wonderful difference!!!! Congrats and sleep (or play) well!!!!!

  8. Now this was step one...
    The secret to a really good nights sleep with a bed hog is as follows...
    Separate bedding. Sleep on a communal bottom sheet and have separate quilts. It's the only way :D

  9. Best thing we ever did was buy the new king sized mattress. Enjoy- the new bed and the riding crop!

  10. Ooh, sounds positively devine, and a definite win/win. I agree, nothing irresponsible about a good night sleep. Enjoy :)


  11. Quelle excitement! {Be sure to say that with a French accent, ok?} Seriously - i'm delighted for you, both for the new mattress and the riding crop!

    Although - Sir and i have a Queen size bed, and we both sleep on half of it - the same half. i lie on my side by the edge of the bed, and he spoons behind me, leaving the other half of the bed empty most of the night. Not that i'm complaining ~ i love not sleeping alone. Hope the mattress thing works out well for you though.



  12. Enjoy! It has to be bedtime somewhere in the world

  13. ooh...normally your very quick at answering comments...perhaps your enjoying this bed a bit too much? lmao



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