Monday, January 21, 2013

Some things you shouldn't do...

Waves at everyone who commented on the last post* I haven't forgotten you. I just have a chiropractic appointment at the crack of dawn...Yay!

I have decided that hibernation is a valid option for avoiding January completely. In fact, I think that we should pass a motion or something and make it mandatory.

There are some things you just shouldn't do--break up with somebody via text, kick dogs, run over small animals for fun, oh yea--and you really shouldn't fire somebody via text.

I got fired by text and didn't even know it because the text made it to my phone a week and a half after it was sent.
Did I mention that I don't text? And that I've never been fired? And that not knowing why is driving me batty?

Oh yes, I propose mandatory hibernation for the month of January.
It'll be great!


  1. It's usually February for me. So, your hell is about over - I'll be taking over as Dumping Ground for the Universe.

    I'm pretty sure if Dante wrote now, there would be a circle in hell for idiots with no sense of common decency. Jerk.
    On the bright side, you've definitely got the moral highground on this one!
    Dance on it.
    (and chin up!)

    1. Jz,
      I like to think that my extra helping from the universe this morning, (in the form of my car overheating all the way to town) might make your February a bit lighter? Though, the universe does seem to have a ridiculously large amount to go around...

      Ooh, I like that! Never hear of dancing on the moral high ground, but it does make that ground sound much more appealing.

  2. That is bloody awful! rude and bad practice! if it was me i would have to get hold of them and ask for an explanation..

    Sorry your January is really not going well...perhaps yes your new year should start afresh in Feb.


    1. tori,
      Not knowing is driving me insane! I mean, did she find someone cheaper, or has someone been stealing and she thinks it was me kind of crazy.
      Though I'm kind of waiting to see if she does call before Friday when I'm scheduled to go in...

      I think February is a grand month to start new year!

  3. Good grief, that is really crappy and unprofessional and - just really crappy. i'm so sorry.

    i'm kinda with you on the hibernation thing - let's do it!

    1. aisha,
      I thought it was pretty crappy too.
      There really has to be a way to make the whole hibernation thing work! It's just too good not to contemplate.

  4. WHO does that? I really just don't even understand. I'm sorry they were so unprofessional. I'd be calling them up and asking what the heck is going on!!

    As for the hibernation? I'm in. I miss my nice warm comfy bed already, and Ive been up for less than 3 hours. Ha!

    1. HisLilAngel,
      I didn't know anyone did that! I was thinking about texting her...If I can figure out how LOL.

      Lol@ the bed bit.

  5. they did WHAT? by text?

    that's worse (Yes... worse) than breaking up by text. And I didn't know there were things worse than that till today.

    I'm so sorry but Jan is almost over so you just have to stick with it another 10 days or so...

    1. Fondles,
      I know right?
      I'm going to live through January if it kills me!
      Or even if I quit making any sense whatsoever...Lol.

  6. I'm sorry you were fired and just can't believe that your employer would be so unprofessional. I would think it were some kind of sick joke if I got a text like that from my employer.Hang in there January's almost over.

    1. Mrs. D,
      I almost wish it was a sick joke!
      I wasn't a huge fan of the work, but I did need it.

  7. Oh lil, that's just awful. How utterly despicable!!

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      Ooh, "despicable" I so should have used that word in this post lol. It's quite fitting.

  8. Wow, I'm not taking the high ground on this one (profanity alert) That was the most amazingly chicken shit thing I think I've ever heard of. Weasely little muthafucka. I am thoroughly outraged on your behalf. I do think if you are comfortable confronting them, you deserve to know why they fired you. In fact, isn't it labor law that they have to give you the reason?

    Like all the other commenter's said, January is almost over, now it's Jz's turn. :)

    1. lm,
      lmao! I love it when you don't take the high ground.

      As glad as I am at the prospect of sitting out the next round of universal dumping, i do cringe a bit to think of anybody else being on the receiving end. Except of course, people who fire other people by text. And run over small animals for fun.

  9. For me it was always February.

    So sorry about the job situation. "Sue the bastards" is my first thought. Seriously, some states are "at will" states and if you are in one of those you are so "screwed" but if not you probably have some recourse. Good luck.

    1. sunnygirl,
      unfortunately, I was doing personal housekeeping directly--no property management company or service. It pays better. Well, "Payed better." Though unemployment might equal that out pretty soon lol.

      My three other clients all moved away over the last couple of months. Go figure.

  10. Lil: Like everyone else has said...rude and so incredibly disrespectful!

    But...It seems like you manage to have interesting, creative, experiences. Could you possibly be the first person fired via text? Or the first person fired by text that didn't know how to text back? :P Maybe hidden rewards are still to be found :P

    Seriously, I hope next month is like an early summer and it all goes swimmingly well for you. *hugs*

    1. Bleuame,
      well I'm probably not the first, but there's a strong possibility that i am the first who couldn't text back lol.

      I'm all for early summer!

      I miss the ability to comment on your blog! The email subscription makes me lazy--I form a comment in my head and somehow rarely manage to make the simple click to get there and leave one...
      Just so you know, if you decide bring them back, I won't be so damn lazy anymore.

    2. Oh dear lil: My decision to close comments on the blog, has nothing to do with the amount of comments I am receiving or who is/isn't commenting, honest.
      It has more to do with the levels of interaction--I'm just not feeling 100% comfortable in blogland. It is like I am on some crazy-information-overdrive and got mixed up in my feelings/thoughts and felt like I was being kicked out of some club.
      I just need a little time to sort all of this out and then I'll make the blog open again. Thank-you so much for the P.S. and I appreciate the sentiment but I don't mind if you're "lazy" :o)

  11. Isn't it illegal to just fire someone like that with no reason? Sheesh out here they have to give you a reason or they can get into a lot of trouble.

    Hope you find something better soon!



    1. Turiya,
      It might very well be illegal, but it was private work without an actual company, so I guess I'll settle on "I didn't like it anyways" lol.

      Thank you!


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