Sunday, January 27, 2013

Very Inspiring Bloggers

It's no secret that I'm big on the concept of inspiration, so when Ward and June, and HisLilAngel, kindly nominated me for TheVery Inspiring Blogger Award, I was quite happy to play.
I am honored. Thank you.

The Rules:
1. Display the award logo on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
3. Nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award and link to them.
4. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the awards requirements.
I'm pretty sure that there's a fifth rule saying to list seven things about yourself...

As usual, I'm going to do it a little bit differently. Come on now, you didn't really expect me to play by all of the rules did you?

It seems fair to aim for 14 things about me...So I'll do 14 things about Alpha/us (just a teensy bending of the rules right?). Seriously though, is there really anything that's not here already?

1. Alpha refuses to accept any semblance of a midlife crisis from me on the grounds that he's older. Totally unfair right?
2. He has a mistress--her name is online chess. However does one kill something like that?
3. He won't go clothes shopping with me, which I find highly stressful because no matter how hard I try, there's always something that he doesn't like.
4. I hate eggs, and we get an average of sixteen fresh eggs a day.
5. I can crochet but have never been able to follow a pattern because I simply don't understand them. Honestly, I would prefer knitting because when else would I be allowed to use sharp pointy objects for fun? Alas, I lack the necessary coordination to wield two items at once.
6. I cried when my college math teacher died--he called me "Girl scout", threatened to throw erasers at me, taught me concepts that I never previously thought I could grasp, and claimed that in his entire teaching career, (which spanned decades) he had never had a student who tried so hard and got wonderful grades but was so completely inept at basic math.
7. Alpha has no problem turning his head to watch a beautiful woman go by.
8. I am not-so-secretly afraid that Alpha will lose interest in me as time goes by.
9. Spring is my favorite time of year--winter is too cold, fall means that winter is coming, and summer is too hot. Fickle? Who, me??
10. Alpha will give anyone a second chance and it drives me nuts--I say just ditch 'em the first time. Well...I say other things too, but I try to keep my murderous musings somewhat private. For the most part anyways.
11. For our third anniversary, my father gave us a book about Kama Sutra and a bed to practice in.
12. After nearly thirty years of life, I'm still not comfortable with my sexuality (or lack thereof).
13. My ideal birthday party, (for anyone) is one that doesn't require me cooking.
14. Having grown up without it, I think that indoor plumbing is the best invention everrrr. Oh yea, and I stared at this last one for 10 minutes before coming up with something lol.

I'm pretty sure most of these are already here somewhere...What can I say, there's only so many things one can say about oneself before repetition sets in.

I usually bow out of nominating people, because it's inevitable that someone will get left out, then I'll post, and guilt will bite me in the ass. But I'm going to bite the bullet this time lol.

In no particular order...

What Does it Mean to be Dominant
Sir J always makes me think, and has often expressed concepts that have helped me adjust my view in a positive manner. I enjoy and respect his views on Dominance and submission
What I Wonder
Greengirl has this crazy habit of writing the things in my brain that I can't make sense of. She is both humble and insightful in a lovely way.
A Reluctant Bitch
Jz has had me running off to Google words more than anyone else I have ever known, and she has an amazing way of putting a humorous spin on even the most depth-filled concepts.
Pain's Pleasure
Tori has a realistic approach and always manages to get the cogs turning in my head.
Be Pleasing Always
Unfortunately, I discovered Cat shortly after her passing. But I have been trolling through her blog, and she was a truly inspiring human being with a beautiful and honest approach to ttwd.
Down the Rabbit hole
Because Master's piece has a wicked sense of humor, and spewing coffee all over your keyboard while laughing is inspiring right?
Kitty the Submissive Wife
I often leave Kitty's blog musing about her topic of the day.
Aimless Ramblings
Sunnygirl is funny, thoughtful, and incredibly kind.
Finding my submission
Sin is intelligent and honest about her struggles, which I like in a land where anyone can decide to project whatever image they want.
Faerie Learns to fly
Faerie's writing has gone a long way towards showing me that it is not necessary to let one's past dictate their future.
The House of Shadows
Though he rarely updates, Shadow has an interesting and no-nonsense take on ttwd.
L'heure Bleue
Blueame always inspires me to ponder things, (I hope you don't mind the linking ame).
The Monkey's Journey
Little Monkey shows a level of honesty with her introspection that I find very respectable.
A Dauntless Journey
Dauntless Vitality writes many thoughtful posts from the Dominant point of view.
And number fifteen...
I shall reserve for the many lovelies who leave thoughtful comments--your comments have made me laugh, think, occasionally tear up, and have inspired me to reach for a deeper understanding of myself and my writing. So thank you all for taking the time to share your thoughts in my crazy little corner of Blogland.

As for notifying everybody...Yea, that's not gonna happen.
Maybe I'm shy, or lazy, or don't want anyone to feel like they have to play along (take your pick).


  1. oooh!
    I gots an award!

    Thanks, cutes!
    I think you rock, too! :-)

  2. p.s.
    That knitting difficulty?
    Just Another Way In Which We're Secretly Related!

    I'm gonna start calling you "coz"

    1. Jz,
      awards can be fun!
      *said as she studiously ignores the shelf full of "worst submissive" and "worst mother ever" trophies she has accumulated*

      Lol, i think I'll be disappointed forever that I am bound to the cute little stick with a hook when what I really wanted was the sharp pointy things...But I don't think that jumbled balls of yarn counts as making anything. And no one likes dodging sharp pointy objects as they fly through the air propelled by frustrated rage lol.

  3. I'm very impressed that these 14 were somewhat (mostly) different than the 100 things..

    Thank-you for the link.
    I'll play along.
    You guys all wore me down anyways....:P

    1. Bleuame,
      Lol--that 100 things really just used up all the little tidbits. I'm still in recovery.

      Ooh yay, you'll play!
      Pushy bunch around here aren't we lol.

  4. You are no where near mid life. I too hate eggs. It doesn't bother me a bit that Alpha turns to look at a beautiful woman (hubby does too, but then my eyes wander toward a beautiful man). My ideal birthday party is not to have one that way I can pretend I'm not another year older and last but not least I am a great fan of indoor plumbing.

    You had one cool dad.

    Thank you for the honor of giving me this award. I sort of played along the other day.

    1. sunnygirl,
      Lmao--nice that it doesn't bother you.
      I don't think that enough people have enough appreciation for indoor plumbing--if everyone in the world had to go without it for one winter...then they would know!
      You could always celebrate the previous birthday several times (gives plenty of chances to make it the best one ever).

  5. Thanks lil, I was very reluctant to write about my past. It helped me to do it and I've heard from many others how much it helped them. That's priceless in my book :)

    1. faerie,
      it is priceless.
      Thanks for being a part of Blogland.

  6. Thanks lil

    It is so difficult having to choose others to nominate and i have before bowed out because well like you said some will get left out and there are so many great blogs out there.

    The comment about your dad made me laugh, sounds like he was a very modern/open way of thinking man!

    thanks again


    1. tori,
      I almost always bow out. But this time I figured I would go for it--as a reader it's cool to find new places to read.

      The strange thing about my dad, was that one could not cram him into a category.
      It's hard to think of someone who believed in living outside of society with all it's beliefs and amenities as "Modern". I think he just really believed in true love, and honestly thought it was the best thing ever.

  7. Thank you Lil, for the award. I rarely get the word respectable used in conjunction with anything monkey, it's quite exciting :) And I'm with Sunnygirl, you are no where close to mid-life. Give it 15, 20 years, then go for it.

    1. Lm,
      *peers around furtively suddenly wondering if "Respectable" is a bad word around here*

      You mean I have to wait?! Sigh. I am so no good with patience.

  8. lil,
    I'm just back, and catching up. Sincerely - thank you. I feel as if i'm drowning in very un-inspiring stuff these days. This whole damn thing turns out to need actual work - at least for the likes of me anyhow. I will try to fulfill the rules this weekend - maybe during that football thing that i hear is happening. I have a feeling i will have some alone time then. And - backatcha - thanks.

    1. gg,
      good to see you're back!
      You are quite welcome.
      It is a lot of work isn't it? Not quite compatible with my original image of it being easy...

      And I hear you with the un-inspiring stuff--I feel like I'm drowning in it this month lol.


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