Wednesday, January 30, 2013

To Serve and Submit With Grace

To serve and submit with grace...It's something I strive for. Not physical grace so much as the grace that comes with acceptance and yielding without struggle.
I am um, somewhat challenged in the area of physical grace.

My musings have led me to believe that surrender is perhaps my ultimate form of grace.

The word grace has many connotations.
I need Alpha's grace.
I desire to submit gracefully.
Some might say that by the grace of the Gods we are given life.

Grace is pleasing.
Grace is delicious.
Grace is even beauty in things which can be, on the surface, unattractive.
Grace is an approach, a state of mind and a form of delivery.
Grace is that moment when trying to submit turns into surrender, and the attempt itself vanishes into a state of being.

Oh yes, grace is lovely.

And sometimes I wonder if he sees and feels the grace I strive for, or if it vanishes somewhere between my mind and my delivery.
Or perhaps I never realize my deepest moments of grace because they come in those times when my surrender is so complete that I have no comprehension of anything besides him...

I yearn to submit with grace.
Very much as I yearn to live in his good graces.


  1. This is something that resonates with mouse -- vanishing grace....


    1. mouse,
      I do find it to be a very intriguing concept...

  2. I aim for this for the most part, i think submitting with grace for me means to 'let go' to accept his control over me, to just 'be'....yeah well its a work in progress!


    1. tori,
      lol, it is very much a work in progress for me too.
      Hey, we all need something to strive for right?

  3. Very eloquently written lil :)

    Dee x


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