Friday, January 11, 2013

Show--Don't Tell

I don't have time to fight with Blogger before going to work, but I wanted to thank everyone who left such sweet comments on my last post--I appreciate your kind thoughts.

I had what I'm pretty sure was the most amazing sex of my life last night and I have no idea why...I mean, I felt it in my toes until I went to sleep. My toes!

But I'm not here to talk about that this morning. Maybe I'm still processing, or maybe my thoughts are needing to leave in the order received lol.

One of the things that all my English teachers preached, (besides that I have a consistent problem with comas) was show--don't tell.
One of the written words biggest drawbacks is also one of it's greatest beauties--you use just the right amount of description for the reader to form their own images. You don't "tell" until you are blue in the face. You "show", and the reader creates the rest in their own minds.

I don't think one can tell their Master they're ready for more. It has to be shown. Especially me. I tell him lots of things lol. And I'm usually right. Until it comes to me--my track record there isn't nearly as good.

I can't tell him I want more and balk at a simple command.
I can't tell him I'm ready to go deeper, then quiver when I look down.
My behavior and actions have to show that my words are more than ill-conceived thoughts.

He will do whatever he wants with me, whenever he wants to. It's how our dynamic works. But it only works well when I accept and surrender to that fact.

I have come to the conclusion that I need to do a lot less telling, and far more showing.

Did I mention that there was mind blowing sex last night?


  1. I love sex that I feel in my toes. It's amazing.

    1. ancilla,
      it is amazing! And rather unusual for me...

  2. Yes you did and I am letting my mind do the telling. OOOOOOHHH

  3. Ehh, what did say about last night?
    My mind was just a bit blown away.
    Was there something you wanted to tell?

  4. That's a very good plan, lil, works that way for us, too :) Glad your toes are stillcurled :-P

    1. June,who woulda thought--toe curling doesn't just have to happen when you're freezing.

  5. Toe curling sex jealous coz the bossman is poorly (man-flu!) and im not getting anything.

    I have been thinking about this post (overthinking yes) since i read it a few hours ago and i think i get what your saying, the problem i have is i still balk and quiver even when im ready...fear i guess.

    Sometimes he wants me to go to him, i think he likes that i find it a little humiliating and humbling to have to ask for something i want even though im not sure about it! other times he will just push me as and when he feels like it...

    i think i want it, i think im ready and then when it happens im "no, please i dont want this..blah blah" and he takes no notice because he knows after, when its all on a high.

    Gosh we are confusing arnt we?


    1. tori,
      ooh, it's crappy when they're sick. Mine is exceptionally graceless about it...

      Yea, Alpha likes it when I go to him too. It can be surprisingly difficult.

      Confusing?! I'm not confusing...Slightly confuzled? As if making a word up will change the facts lol.

  6. Hmm... As a writer, I hear that a lot. Show, don't tell. It's like a mantra almost. But I never thought to apply it to other parts of my life, especially where my submission was concerned. You've given me a lot to consider. Thanks!



    1. Turiya,
      I think there are many things like that--in context, they seem to only apply to certain things, but looking at them from a different perspective gives us a chance to apply them in different ways.

  7. Hi Lil, ooh, you lucky girl! Have your toes uncurled yet? Lol I think your plan sounds spot on.


    1. Roz,
      unfortunately, at this moment, their curled in an attempt to avoid them freezing and falling off lol.

  8. Funny how mind blowing sex can lead to inspiration like that, isn't it? Down to your toes? Good job, Alpha!

    1. Jake,
      I had the thoughts before the sex. Then by the time I thought I might write about the sex, the thoughts were all fuzzy lol.
      Hows that for a nonsensical sentence?


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