Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another Crazy August

August has turned into a crazy month for our family. Not just this August, every August lol. For one, there are three children under five who have birthdays within two weeks of each other (I have lobbied strongly for the week of Thanksgiving to officially be renamed abstinence week. Alpha denied that very reasonable request).

Tomorrow our youngest boy will be three. I get to start reminiscing about his birth days beforehand though since he took his sweet time arriving lol.

Yesterday I gave notice at my job. Those of you who have been reading for some time, will know that doing so is a pretty big deal for me. For one, because my client can be a real creep and I have wanted out of there for a very long time; for two, because we really need my job.
Alpha wanted me to quit and told me "I think it might be the right thing to do." Um, as opposed to He thinks it might be the wrong thing to do...The difference is...?
September 16 is set as my last day. Alpha has a small project lined up (not enough to make it through winter, but enough for me to take a couple months off and give one of us time to find something else).
It looks like the babysitting I so carefully lined up may have fallen through and Alpha will have to take his days off on the days I work to take care of the boys. It's a rotten schedule because we won't see each other at all since we will both be working crazy hours, but we can pull it off for a couple weeks.
Honestly? I'm torn between elation and complete panic. All last night I dreamed about frantically putting in job applications and not getting work lol.

Will the year ever come where I get shit wrapped early and don't have to wait till a kid is sound asleep and find myself wrapping things after ten PM?


  1. Look at all the Augusts you have survived. This too will pass. Lol.

    I vote for abstinence in November too! Boy was 26 on the 11th. Find a new way to give thanks especially if the factory is not closed. Teeheehee

  2. Oh gosh, i feel your pain...about the job decision, the schedule, and the birthdays. We have three birthdays and an anniversary in December...i dread it sometimes.

    Congratulations on leaving a position you didn't like (at least that's how it sounds)...life is much too short to put up with that kind of crap.

    Hang in there! And Mindset is right...this, too, shall pass. Though probably not quickly enough. (i'm not known around here for my patience though.)


  3. Mindset, Oy, yes, 28 down, an indeterminate amount to go lol.
    See! I Am now reaffirmed in my belief that every November should be declared abstinence month worldwide lol.

    kytten, Ooh, your December sounds like our August on steroids lol.

    Yea, I have been told that I'm not as well acquainted with patience as I should be. I am not usually on speaking terms with it lol. And thank you! I'm excited and panicking at the same time.


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