Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Through my eyes

I often wish that I could see myself through Your eyes--witness the beauty You behold, the strength You lean on, the whore You reach for. I wish I could see whatever it is in me that You find amazing, worth craving, what made You choose me out of the many you could have had.

And sometimes, sometimes I wish that You could see Yourself through my eyes. Because I see a brilliant man who can do anything He puts His mind to, who challenges what is humanly possible and walks out the other side victorious. When I look at you I don't just see a tall, well-built man, with eyes made for drowning in and a smile worth crawling for. I see strength to take shelter in, I see a man who has faced struggles many people cannot even conceive of and kept His faith in existence.

When I look at You I see the man who keeps my world turning. The man I love with all my heart and soul. The man who is worthy of being my Master.

And sometimes, I wish that You could see Yourself through my eyes. 


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL!! i wish that Sir could see Himself through my eyes because i do not have words to express how i feel...thank you for sharing...

  2. I loved this, so beautiful.

    I've been a long time reader first time commenting.

  3. Absolutely lovely.

  4. Sometimes I'm amazed when Daddy tells me what he sees in me and I try to live up to what he sees because I always think he's so intelligent/handsome/wonderful and it's scary that someone that great adores me, with all of my faults.

    Thanks for posting this! I really enjoyed reading it and pondering the deeper meaning behind your words.


  5. Searching for myself, thank you. Words do seem to come up short quite often don't they?

    Histoy, Thank you.

    OnlyHis, Well I have been striving for, and falling short of, perfection for some time lol. At least I can achieve some semblance of it with words upon occasion!

    e, I always like it when a reader peeks out and comments. Glad you liked the post.

    Sky, thank you.

    Kitty, that's how I feel too. Thank you.


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