Sunday, August 7, 2011


I got a comment from Mindset on the Banana Bread post and her word verification was submsk. She mentioned "the submissive masks we put on for them daily." This got me to thinking about the many masks we all wear for various reasons.
To be clear, I'm not dissing on Mindset's comment--after all, she inspired a post and I have been a bit low on inspiration lately.

Now, there are those times I submit when I really don't want to submit but I do it anyways. Is that a mask? I don't think it is because I'm usually pretty vocal with my objections lol.

The natural evolution of the thought process was (so what if my "natural" appears to be rather abnormal), is submission a mask? Or at least, can it be? You could use it as a mask I suppose...But then it wouldn't really be submission any more would it?

Which of course led to...Thinking about one of the things I love most about ttwd.

There are no masks. Different hats perhaps, but no masks. Everything we are in that moment of His Dominance and my submission is from under the surface of ourselves. It is us without filters, exposing who we are and can be from the depths of that eternal abyss of being. It strips away the masks, the weight of the daily grind, the faces we put on for the people around us.

Ttwd at its most blatant strips away all pretenses of things that we think really matter. In a mild way, it's a bit like birth and death--those are the places where the body functions without the constraints of embarrassment and propriety, and the mind has no room for the menial problems that tend to swallow our daily lives. All that matters is that moment and the person you are sharing it with. Whether it be the first moment life takes a breath, or its last exhale before death, or ttwd in between--these moments bare the soul enough to be closer than our skin will allow.

When you take away the constraints and beliefs of humanity, the expectations of society, the expectations of who and what we should be, the masks we wear every day; we are simply blood, sweat, tears, piss. We are untamed minds swimming in the infinite abyss.
Nowhere do you see these things like in the moments of birth or death. And in ttwd.

And further down still? We are simply energy given the amazing gift of experience.


  1. Glad I got your critical thinking skills flowing. ;)

    I completely agree with the majority of your post. Submission is the most honest of who I am. Yet, I feel that we all have masks that we wear not necessarily a negative thing but as the role we are on at the moment. "All the world is a stage" thing comes to mind.

  2. I like thinking of it as putting on different hats too. We aren't hiding who we are, just employing a different facet. For example, I am a mother, a wife, a submissive, a sister, a daughter, etc. At any one time I can be solely a mother, or solely a wife, you get the idea. I don't think I'm hiding (which is what the imagery of putting on a mask seems to me) those other parts of me, they simply aren't employed in that moment. Does that make sense?

    I think that there are a lot people who see putting on a mask as a negative thing all around. Like being heartbroken inside, and putting on a mask of happiness. That's how I see it, nothing but negative. Although, Mindset, I think you agree with lil, and I, you are just using different imagery that holds a different meaning for us.

  3. Mindset, Yes, thank you for the inspiration! And I think Alice makes a good point--perhaps we are in agreement, just with words having different meanings to each of us--maybe your mask is my idea of a hat lol.

    Alice, Yes, it makes perfect sense. Without all those different hats, we aren't really a complete person. And I do tend to feel the same way as you about the concept of masks.

  4. At one time mouse wore a mask, but as time passed with Daddy, the other masks became not so important. Guess mouse just grew into quiet confidence and the masks weren't needed anymore.


  5. mouse, what a lovely way to put it. And I guess that's a very big part of it--over time those masks are no longer necessary and we can outgrow them.


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