Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Cornucopia of Bad Ideas

 The kids were finally both asleep, and I really just wanted to join them in that ever elusive land of dreams. with deep respect and abounding hope, I informed Alpha that "some subs have a bedtime, and can mine be 8:00 please?" Ahem, He laughed at me.  "I'm barely even done working in the garden by then!" So I guess early bedtime was pushing it a little bit.
I'm quick on my feet so I made a counter offer, complete with batting eyelashes and protestations of how great it would be..."how about 9:00 then?" Sigh, He thinks I'm funny.

Apparently, I had not completely exhausted my cornucopia of bad ideas.

We had just gotten in bed and were curled up together all sweet, and warm, and comfy.
Then He tried to pull my nipple off...I'm going to blame the doctor who prescribed me muscle relaxers for what happened next. It must have relaxed that muscle I use to keep insane words from spewing out.

The mistake came as soon as I opened my mouth. In my defense, I was just glaring fiercely and He made me say it. "I'm sure you are doing it all wrong! You're supposed to ease into the pain shit!" Unfortunately, He still had a death grip on my nipple.

I apologized profusely. Within ten minutes I had said something smarmy funny again. Something about a ball not liking me and attempting to escape my attentions...By the time He was done laughing at me, I was pretty sure I had emptied that cornucopia of bad ideas. Though somehow I managed to pull a few more before sleep.

The whole affair ended with me biting back screams and gasping for air. I guess I count myself lucky it was from pleasure.

And I did get to keep the nipples. Which was nice.

On a completely unrelated note, is it possible to find a small functioning lock made out of sterling silver without browsing through 3,000 Google pages?


  1. I have seen working padlocks with keys in Walmart that are Stainless Steel. Little ones. The ones onlilne if you type in "sterling silver" are going to be more the jewelry kind. Hope that helps.

    I'm glad you got to keep your nipples LOL

  2. Congratulations on the nipple keeping! ;)
    You know what, going through those 3000 pages can be quite fun ;) (Nae, OK 30 or so might be ;) )

  3. I must of missed something here.
    Im so confused.
    But do really enjoy some nice nipple pinching myself.
    Just sayin

  4. Oh goodness...muscle relaxers can be such tongue looseners. And not in a good way. Alcohol is mine, but Lyon usually administers it to me in small doses for His own amusement.

    Oh, a bedtime sounds positively *dreamy*--who do you know who has one? I want one!

  5. Yes congratulations on keepingg your nipples, that's always a good thing.

  6. Sky, thanks for the idea. I don't really mind if it is decorative (it will be going on a collar), but it's amazingly hard to find a small sterling silver lock that actually locks! Novel concept I suppose lol.
    And yes, me too.

    Sweet girl, Thank you lol. And yea, somewhere around page 20, the whole process began losing it's appeal.

    KittyCat, I see where the misunderstanding occurred--I'm sure He was trying to pull it off, not pinch lol.

    Kytten, Yea...I rarely drink and when I do, Alpha doesn't generally let me interact with others. Ahem.
    And oh yes, absolutely dreamy. Bordering on heavenly if you ask me lol. See, I knew someone would see beauty and logic in the idea! I don't personally know anyone who has a bedtime (drooling jealously is apparently as close as I'm gonna get lol), but I have read many bloggers that do. Sigh* green is my favorite color, but envy is a poor companion while up late with a small child lol.

    SBF, Thank you. Not everyone appreciates how much nicer they are that way lol.


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