Saturday, August 6, 2011

Eden Fantasys review--Emerald explorer

This time it was Alpha's turn to pick the Eden Fantasys toy for review. Naturally, being an ass man, He wanted to see anal toys. So the rep sent us a nice selection of options (I ask to see kink toys, I get a nice little selection, He asks for anal toys and they send Him 15 friggin options! Sadists!). Anyways, I had my eye on a nice painless looking little toy, but He chose the Emerald Explorer which did seem a little bit more daunting to me. He may be an ass man, but I'm not brave about it lol. Really, it's not scary though. I actually like it. A lot.

It's our very first glass toy and I'm really liking glass as an anal toy--much more so than plastic based toys. For one thing, I don't like cheap plastic crap, and even if plastic based products aren't cheap, they remind me of kids toys and your cleaning options can be pretty limited.

As usual, it arrived in totally discreet packaging which is always a consideration when you get sex toys in the mail. After all, nobody wants to get a box with "this is a product designed to go up my ass" plastered all over it. It comes in a cute little velvet bag for storage which I thought was cool because I'm a sucker for nifty stuff like that. And, well, the toy itself is just downright pretty lol.

The insertable length is 4 1/2 inches, though I have to admit that it felt like more lol. The handle is very convenient for motion and gives it a big plus over all the other anal toys we have because it's really easy to control. It is made out of pyrex (like glass cooking bowls and bake-ware), so it's sturdy, more resistant to breakage than regular glass, and is quite easy to clean. If you like to play with temperature, you can heat it up or cool it down to your preference (though the first time He comes after me with it fresh out of the freezer, I'm staging a mutiny). Just a note though--never take anything glass directly out of cold and into high heat. I once managed to break a glass baking dish by taking it from the fridge straight to a pre-heated oven. So while pyrex is quite versatile and sturdy, it is not immune to breakage.

I accidentally dropped this toy on the floor when it was all of two days old (wouldn't recommend trying it as an experiment lol), and I was sure I had broken it. After careful inspection, I realized that it didn't have so much as a mark on the glass. So it is deceptively strong. Though like I said, I wouldn't test the theory for fun--even a minor chip could have some painful consequences.

It is completely seamless and the bulges are graduated in size so you kind of get to work your way up as it goes in. This was my first experience with anything shaped like this and I really enjoyed the bulges, that little space between, and the way they change size. The largest bulge is 1 1/2 inches so overall, the size is comfortable. Being glass, it has a smooth texture that just doesn't come with plastic products. There's no creed that states the Emerald Explorer can only be used as an anal toy--I haven't tried it, but I'm sure it would be enjoyable vaginally as well.

Overall, I am really happy with this toy and am enjoying my introduction to the world of glass. I think that people who aren't experienced with anal play would enjoy this product because it is moderately sized and easy to control.

As a side note, I wasn't thrilled with the last item I got from Eden Fantasys and my review reflected it.
After that, I was sure they would say "bye, we don't want you reviewing for us anymore." The amazing thing is--there was no criticism of my review, I got an apology for getting a product I wasn't happy with (felt a bit guilty about that), and the rep asked if I would like to do another review.
I was actually really impressed by this. I think Eden Fantasys is an upstanding company that strives to provide quality products. And they really do want completely honest reviews.


  1. That is a very pretty looking toy lil. Master and I haven't done much with anal so it is definitely terrifying and erotic to me to look at that and imagine where it is going.

    I haven't tried the glass toys. Are they really that much better than the other materials out there? Do they hurt less?

    Do you recommend it for beginners? The bumps on it look huge!

  2. Kallista, This is our first glass toy, so I don't have much experience with them. I have a tendency to react to a lot of products--from lube to vibrators, and I think glass is perfect in such situations.

    It's definitely harder than a plastic product, but you can actually put it in boiled water to sterilize it, so personally, I think it's a bit more sanitary.

    Glass is less giving than latex or plastic based items so I wouldn't want to say it would be less painful. Materials-wise, possibly slightly more so actually. But a lot has to do with size too I think.

    However, it has pluses that I think make it good for anyone--it's smaller than a penis, so if your not used to anal I don't think it's a bad place to start. Also, because the bumps graduate up in size, you can stop at whatever point you want and work your way up to the larger bumps over time. And I'm not great with physical description, but in my experience, the anal opening is the tightest part, so that space between the bumps is, well, it's a nice place to press pause lol.

    I would say that as long as you took it slow, it would be a good toy to experiment with.

    I hope this answers your question sufficiently!


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