Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Who makes the Banana Bread?

Ironically, I was talking about cooking the other day, and what got me in trouble? Cooking.

He wanted banana bread. I didn't want to make it. We horsed around on the couch for a minute...And I knew that I should go make it. Then, the most insane words came out of my mouth, "we don't have the kind of relationship where I make the banana bread! You can make banana bread too!"

As I said it, I felt as if I was staring incredulously at myself saying "WTF?!"

And that particular look spread across His face...The one that says "you are in such deep shit. I cannot believe those words came out of your mouth!" In all fairness, I was just as stunned as He.

None of the earth shattering things He could have done in that moment occured besides that look getting considerably closer in an amazingly fast manner. But the stupid floor still dropped out from under me--I started to giggle. And then I started to cry. He kissed me. And I made banana bread.

We have the kind of relationship where I make the banana bread.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. Lmfao! Has he been talking to daddy or reading my blog? Yes, we do make banana bread and it is damn good!

    Word verification. Submsk. The submissive mask we put on for them daily.

  2. Nice that you make the banana bread and that he expects you to make it.


  3. When I read what you said... I thought "oh now she's in for a whole host of pain".... and grinning ear to ear at being a fly on the wall to see his face!

    Did it taste better because it came out of submission?


  4. By us - the kids make the Banana bread - it's a beautiful thing.

  5. Hola, tienes un blog muy interesante aqui, me pregunto si deseas intercambiar enlaces entre nuetsros blogs. Dejame saber que te parece comentando en el mío.


  6. Mindset, I don't think He's been browsing lately...Aren't word verifications funny sometimes? I think you may have inspired a post with the whole "sub mask" bit. If this week ever ends anyways lol.

    Florida Dom, yes well, making it would hold far less interest if He didn't expect me too.

    Only His, oh yes, I was sure the world was going to cave in lol. Occasionally having children in the immediate vicinity does pay off. And it did come out better...But I think that's just because I tried a new recipe lol.

    greengirl, Oh your way sounds by far the best. Do they do the dishes afterwards too? 'Cuz if so, I want to trade lol.

  7. lil, thanks for commenting on my blog, otherwise I wouldn't have come to yours today and found yet another great blog to add to my list!

    We have that kind of relationship too, and I have that same reaction sometimes too, it's not the wisest thing to say, but it just slips out doesn't it?

  8. Alice, glad you like my crazy little corner!
    Yea, I am not known for wise things slipping out lol. He calls it "diarrhea of the mouth." Ahem.

  9. Thats crazy that you let things like that come out. (not meant in a bad way) I find myself sometimes saying things before i think about it--usually a cuss word that i think Master misses. Cool though that you two seem to be somewhat like me and my Master. If you dont mind, id like to see what recipe you use for banana bread?

  10. I have been using this one, I like adding spices though:
    I did find one that I like more but I didn't bookmark it and can't find it.

  11. Thank you :) ill have to try that one. Last time i tried making it, it went bad after a day. Do you refrigerate yours after making it or is it fine sitting out on the counter?

  12. Lil one,
    usually I only bake at night because it's so freakin hot, and it's consumed by the end of the following day lol, so I haven't had that problem. I find that breads like this do tend to spoil pretty fast though. The safest bet is probably just to store it in the fridge if you have had problems with spoiling and you know it's going to take more than a day to consume.


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