Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adjustable Torture, or Bull nose nipple clamps--Eden Fantasys Review

I swore off nipple clamps of any kind after my last adventure into torment their realm. Of course, Alpha sees anything I decide is horrific as an opportunity to break down my walls and open up my nasty little boxes. So naturally, when He saw nipple clamps as an option for my next Eden Fantasys review, out of all the sex toys we were looking at, He thought they were the perfect choice.
My first objection was the fact that they are coated in latex, and having had horrible reactions to latex condoms, I was not to keen on them.

The thing is...I absolutely love these nipple clamps. I had no reaction to the latex and I like the fact that they can be evil, or not-so-evil.

As usual, I think it's necessary to point out that Eden Fantasys uses very discreet packaging which is a huge plus for anything coming to your mailbox.

If you have a severe allergy to latex, I might be hesitant to try these, but I had no reaction to them at all. Much to my dismay, He attached them to my clit (mean I tell you, so mean). I was just waiting for the horrible reaction, but I didn't have one. Well, besides the whole "I will be any kind of filthy whore you want--please don't tighten them up any more!"

These clamps seem quite sturdy and so does the chain. It's not something delicate that you are afraid to yank on (unfortunately).
I'm a fan of easing into pain, and since these are adjustable, you can put them on and crank them down as time goes by (though anything that's cutting off circulation should only stay on for so long. At least that's what I'm always swearing to Alpha lol). The little screw thingies on the side are how you adjust them (yea, so I don't always have a way with words, so what), but they aren't as cumbersome as I thought they might be. And hey, if He's not paying enough attention to be able to tighten or loosen them I don't want Him doing mean things to me anyways lol.
Alpha has large hands, and He did say that He wished the handles were a little bit longer because they were difficult to get off in a hurry. Overall though, that was really our only complaint regarding these clamps

I don't know how well these would stay on if you had really large nipples, because I experimented with attaching them to different body parts (I had reached that space of being so far down where insanity kicks in and self-preservation becomes a lost skill), and the more fatty the tissue, the less grasp they had. I suppose if you have very small nipples, they might not have quite enough bite.
There was no problem with them coming off my nipples though, even when He decided it would be fun to yank my chain.

I'm quite happy with these nipple clamps and think that we will be using them regularly. They are reasonably priced and quite versatile. The serious pain sluts seem to be fond of the type of clamps I hate with a passion, so I don't know how happy they would be with these. Though like I said, they are very adjustable so I would think anyone could get their fix from them.
These would be especially great for the newbie or someone seeking to increase their pain tolerance because you have the option of making them more or less vicious.  


  1. They look quite interesting and frightening at the same time.

  2. Thanks for the detail in your review. I've been curious, perhaps nervous, about nipple clamps so I'm doing lots of research. I'm hoping I can pick my nipple clamps before Hubby does because he might not, hmmm, have the same concerns that I do.

    Thanks again!

  3. I like the tweezer type. They are fully adjustable too, and will work on all sizes of nipples. My slut has very large nipples, and the ones you reviewed don't work on her very well. We have them and they don't fit right. Too small.

  4. cocktoy, they aren't as frightening as they look. Well, they don't have to be lol.

    sublimewifey, personally, I say stay away from the clover-style ones and run with offerings of adjust-ability lol.

    William, I'll keep that in mind if we try another kind.

  5. I don't have these ones, but I do have this style.... the chain is attached to a gag, I try not to "buck" or I hurt myself lol. I don't think I could handle the clovers either eeekk!

  6. Naida, I could see how having them attached to a gag would keep you in one place!
    And the clovers...Well, they are not my friend lol.


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