Thursday, September 29, 2011

Temporary insanity

This morning, during a moment of temporary insanity, I told Alpha that I needed to be beaten.

Quickly followed by a loud and honest proclamation that I didn't actually Want it.

He chuckled (somewhat smugly I might add), and said "but you need it."

What was I gonna do, turn around and lie about it? I settled for a disgruntled snort and speedy movement towards a room with children in it.

And Gods know, I do need it; however, the moment He starts really laying into me, I'm gonna have loud-mouther's remorse lol.

See, this is what happens when one partner wages a losing battle with the garden while the other works 80 hours a week.


  1. don't let the tomatoes win! you can take it! Show 'em who's, er, boss..that's it, boss...damn. my garden kicked my butt also.

    (i need a beating too.)


  2. I know this feeling. I often ask for things and then I wish I could call the words back. "Why the hell did I say that? What if he takes me up on it?"

  3. Probably not temporary, also not really insanity - just the truth escaping past the fear. And thank goodness it does sometimes - we all need it someway, sometimes.

  4. pepper, lol, I'll show them who's boss! Then I'll get carried away with being boss and get in trouble lol.

    Conina, I know how that one goes!

    greengirl, Ooh, I hate to admit it, but you're right--not only is it not temporary, it's getting worse!

    Mindset, yes well, hmph. So what if you're right? Lol.


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