Saturday, September 17, 2011

Soccer Season--Yes, I Said Soccer

I have absolutely nothing kinky or sex related to say tonight. No philosophical corny musings about love or life's deeper meaning, no deep dark desires or hidden fantasies, nothing interesting at all really lol.
Alpha is working a ten day week, on day seven now. I brought home two very cute kittens who instantly changed from sweet to borderline vicious after two hours in my house. And it was the first game of soccer season.

I doubt anyone browses D/s blogs to read about someone's kid and their sports lol, so you have been warned.

I gotta say though, I felt bad for the kiddo today. And I'm really proud of him. See, last year he really didn't improve his skills at all simply because we had a coach who, when he even bothered to show up, couldn't be bothered to teach the kids anything. Now this year, the kiddo has moved to a new level because of his age--now they have goalies, really enforce the rules, and keep score.

It's a whole new ballgame.

And the poor dude? He's used to really carrying his team. Not being that kid who just can't pull it off. Today, he really couldn't pull it off. He was "that kid" on the team and the team carried him. Of course, he's been sick for a couple of days and puked halfway to town. I told him he didn't have to go, I did everything short of outright forbidding it and refusing to take him.

But the kid loves soccer. And he has this inner drive that's amazing. And I'm proud of him--because he went and gave it his all. None of us is used to seeing his all be anything short of a great performance. But that's okay. Because he can make up for that year of not getting to learn with a good coach. And he's a quick learner.
Unfortunately for him, he's inherited this painful trait from his parents--you know, where "okay" isn't good enough, and failure is  unacceptable. Well, as long as we're not talking chores lol. It's not an easy way to be though.

And did I mention? The kid has heart and guts. He won't give up no matter what--which is a major pain in the ass when you are his parent. But as far as human qualities go, it's respectable.

The kid's got heart. And I love him all the more for it.

Omg, I can't believe it took all this time to sink in--I'm a soccer mom and surprisingly proud of it. Well, him.

Because despite the ups and downs of parent/child relations? He's an amazing kid.


  1. So do you actually drive a mini van too?!? Lmoa yes, you are a PROUD SOCCER MOM! Put that bumper sticker on your window. (it is a good thing!) ;)

  2. Mindset, LOL. Nooooooooo. The minivan is a concession I will Never make!!
    Being a proud soccer mom is quite bad enough lol.


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