Friday, September 23, 2011

Some (Mostly) Useless Completely Vanilla Facts

~Two trash bags full of spinach will reduce to approximately seven pints after blanching.
Fuckin hell!

~Green tomatoes take two weeks to ripen off the vine.
The boxes are taking over.

~I need a recipe for fried green tomatoes.
Any givers?

~Three rather large zucchini will make four loaves of zucchini bread after processing for freezing.
I will be happy in January, I will be happy in January, I will be happy in January.

~Lavender vanilla Febreeze sprayed in excess will make your food taste funny.

~Baby lettuce must be watered once a day.
Why did He plant so many fucking rows of it?!

~This garden is kicking my ass.
It's winning. I wanna tap out!

~I gave my mother in law my gas money for tomorrow so she would go away.
Anyone wanna kill me now? Please?

~I don't like vegetables any more dammit!
When I close my eyes I see spinach.

~My kids are being monsters.
Free to good home?

~I miss my Husband.
It's been a long month.


  1. And who said raising it yourself is better!!?? My garden begins with K and ends with R.


  2. Vicarious gardening. Lust. Miss my garden so much! They don't even let us have plants on the balcony here. Love that you harvested SO MUCH spinach.

  3. I have a recipe for fried green tomatoes. Email me if you want it. it's pretty simple. *hugs*

  4. Mindset, I have spent a lot of time eating out of the garden that begins with K and ends with r lol. Thought I would try something different this year. Inspiration is overrated lol.

    Conina, I love that you made this comment--I needed to hear it lol. When I was a kid we lived out of the garden and ate off it all winter too because my mom did lots of canning and drying. I kind of miss hoarding food. Once the processing is over I'll feel less whiny about it lol.

    agog, an email will be coming!

  5. You're right, you will be so happy to have zucchini bread in January. There's nothing like a toasted slice with butter first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee!

    We did garden cleanup today as well. I guess it's getting to be that time of year. Let's hope some of these last few tomatoes actually turn red!

  6. Jake,
    I have eight rows of green tomatoes. I intend to preserve most of them if it kills me lol. We have found that picking them as soon as they get a hint of color and storing them in paper bags or boxes will give them a chance to ripen nicely.

  7. Thanks for the tip, Lil. We'll give it a try. Our tomatoes did a good job for us this year, but I don't know that we have eight rows! Nicely done!


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