Monday, September 26, 2011

Non-Verbal Communication

I gotta say, non- verbal communication is the shit. I absolutely love it. If Alpha hadn't been so tired last night, He would have never let me get away with it. He would have made me say what I wanted. Exactly what I wanted--in the most blunt and crude manner possible. But He was technically asleep...And let me get away with non-verbal communication lol.

Beyond that though, I still adore communication without words. While there's a lot of talk about the importance of communication in relationships (and it is truly necessary), all that talk revolves around the words we say out loud to each other.

Not the unspoken desires.

The silent cues.

A quiet indrawn breath. 

A thought echoing off the walls of one's mind.

Words screamed silently in one's head.

And I get in trouble sometimes. Because Alpha says He's not psychic (Pfbt, uh huh, that's why He can "hear" me roll my eyes from a room away).
 He wants me to use words--partly because there can be no doubt as to the meaning, and partly because I hate it so. Saying things out loud... Admitting things to Him that I would rather not even admit to myself...Well that's just asking for it isn't it?

He may not be psychic...But He's got bat radar and that's good enough for me.
Now if He would just get with the program and agree that words are overrated...


  1. They are thoroughly annoying with the forcing the out loud admissions aren't they? But then they hold us accountable for the non-verbals too - the huffs, and eye rolls, and shoulder shrugs. It's like we can't win. But really - it beats the hell out of being ignored or discounted out of hand.

  2. greengirl, It sure does beat the hell of of being ignored or discounted!
    I'm gonna remind myself of that the next time my "silent" sighing gets me in trouble lol.


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