Sunday, September 4, 2011

From Morning to Night

 Early morning:
"I want to shove my cock down your throat till you cry. It's been to long...." Note my self preserving respectful silence (I have learned that sometimes it's really best to treat Him like a wild animal--don't make eye contact, no sudden movement, don't breath to loud, etc).

"You can't beat me into happiness!" I squealed making a hasty retreat towards the fridge. It was an unfortunate choice of direction--there is no hidden escape route around the milk and over the eggs. He knows it too. So of course, He continued to advance menacingly purposefully. Raising His eyebrows He said smugly, "are you quite sure about that?" As I neared His height gasping for air (He's almost a foot taller than me, it's really not physically possible...), I had to admit...Maybe He can.

The aforementioned activities usually turn the day around in a good way, however...

By afternoon:
He says the three words I never want to hear: "I'm scared too baby."
And I'm on the couch in tears wanting to crawl to Him and absolutely refusing to loose the inner war with myself and actually do it.

After bedtime:
He had promised me the riding crop...I squirmed and insisted it was quite alright if He didn't keep His promises. He dismissed my claims with a growl "But you will think less of me if I don't keep my word."
Smart man.
"No really, I won't think less of you at all, not this time, I promise!" He never did find the riding crop...But He settled for that damnable wooden spoon.

I was whipped, clamped, fucked to tears, called a filthy whore, and told how loved, amazing, and precious I am.

All in all, for it's mid-day mess, yesterday ended quite happily.


  1. Sounds like a day at my house. doesn't it suck when they insist on keeping their word like that? And still i end up if only the Misery stick would have a mysterious accident.

  2. "It was an unfortunate choice of direction--there is no hidden escape route around the milk and over the eggs."

    Yeah we have a bathroom with the same deficiencies :(

  3. pepper, At least life is never boring huh? Oh yes, it does suck. Unfortunately, I guess it would suck more if they didn't lol.

    Searching for myself, Well, it wasn't boring, I'll give it that!

    Master's piece, ah ha, there's the secret to making my fortune--designing escape routes for small slaves and innocent (okay, laugh) submissives. Every fridge and bathroom should have one lol.


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