Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ice Queen Melting

Yea I know, two posts in one day is a bit over the top. What can I say--the house is clean lol.

It was easy being the ice queen.
She was cold and solid like stone
unattached to love, lust, sex, the place we call home.

It was easy
being alone in His company.
It meant there was a part of self that could always be free
would never need
control that was not her own.

It was easy being the Ice Queen
she could never beg
wouldn't be caught dead crawling on her knees
trying to please.

It was lonely out there in the cold
but a heart of ice fears the fire
that comes with these raging desires

He climbed inside my mind and reminded me
that "mine" lasts for all time.

That we can be closer than skin will allow
that a queen on her knees
owned and never sold
is as free as she can possibly be.

He chipped away at the walls
melted the ice around my soul that I was so sure kept me whole
He peeled away the layers of who I thought I was
and wanted to be.

Now I am the queen at His feet
the whore on her knees
come crawling
begging to please.

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