Saturday, September 10, 2011

Rambling about change

For the first time in over a year, I puttered around at the computer and watched Alpha get ready to go to work. Yes, a real project with a close deadline and good pay. In the freezing rain. But He doesn't care about the fact that He'll probably be putting in 80 hours or more a week to get it done on time, or that He's working in the freezing rain...Because He's got work.

Me? I'm down to one week left at my job.

It's been good for us, this last incredibly difficult and broke year. He's taken care of me since I was 15 and I had begun to doubt what I could do, to wonder if I was capable of taking care of us, of accomplishing something outside of the house--Because I had never really done it before. But I did.

And He got the first real break He's had in 20 years. It gave Him a chance to focus on the garden, the kids, us, living as opposed to always working. And our D/s grew in leaps and bounds, we became closer, our relationship redefined itself again. It has been good but difficult. It has been challenging to my submission and our sanity.

Really though, He was made for the provider role. It fits Him like a glove and makes Him happy.

And me? Maybe I'll end back up at another temporary job, or maybe He will be able to keep working and I can muse about going back to school and doing something I actually enjoy.
Who knows. For today, I'm going to watch the rain, clean my house, make sure there's a hot dinner on the table, and work on a new idea.

Did I mention how sexy a man is when He's enthusiastically getting ready to go work in the freezing rain?


  1. Congrats to Alpha having this economy that's something to be thrilled about.


  2. It's amazing how an economic somersault can turn so many things right side up again. Hubby went back to school and I became "sugar mama" but he still ran the finances, and managed our little income better than me. Now we're back on our feet and better than ever on all fronts. Good luck to you both!

  3. Kitty, Thank you! It really is.

    SublimeWifey, It has been a rough year to say the least lol. Thank you!


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