Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Always and Forever

me down
to that place where my screams sound like a distant dream
and everything we are is all that I am.
Where pain is pleasure and pleasure is indefinable
and undeniable
when my soul becomes bare
laid out for your care.
Where the remnants of
who I was are no longer what I am.

Push me over the edge
and untie every last thread
in my cloak of solitude.

Delve inside my mind
climb to that place where I am yours
and you are...mine.

Where what we are is beyond time
and we float along in our own rhythm and rhyme.
Walking outside the lines
all that I am is yours
and all that I have is no longer mine.


to that place of infinite truth
outside of age and youth.

I believe in you
like you believe in me
and your bonds,
they have set me free
in this infinite sea we call humanity.

Hold me close that I may not fall
bring me to my knees that I may crawl
take away my sight that I may see
stand beside me that I may sit at your feet
lift me up that I may kneel
give me pleasure that I may feel
cause me pain that I may heal.

Come sit beside me and watch the sands of time slip by.

Lend me your shoulder that I may cry
let me see your wounds that I may sooth your pain.
Come away and dance with me in the rain 
even though you think it's a little bit insane.

Lay your head in my lap at the end of the day
when all that is good seems far away.
I'll lend you my ear
and listen to your hopes and fears.

You are my light in the dark
my shelter in the storm.
In cold times you keep me warm
when I am surrounded by infinite sadness, 
you are my gladness.

You are my hero
and I live to be near you.

Won't you lift me up that I may kneel
 and cause me pain that I may heal.

Show me now and again that we are real
kiss my flesh with bittersweet steel
wipe away my tears
and wash away my fears.

Come walk with me across these years
And I will be yours
always and forever.


  1. Replies
    1. Dee, thank you. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Beautiful, Lil :)

    Fondly. Sky

  3. Soul shatteringly beautiful, thank you.

    1. faerie, oh wow...That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about one of my little scribblings! Thank you.

  4. What faerie said. yes. Incredibly beautiful.


    1. aisha, geeze, now I'm just giggling and grinning stupidly lol.


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