Friday, January 27, 2012


Quiet is in short supply around here today. And therefor, so is my focus. I hadn't really thought about it much, outside of the context of literally not having a minute to myself (small children have boundary issues, what can I say lol).

Though right now, in this moment...There is a lovely quiet spread across my house. Punctuated only by breathing and the occasional snore.
I need these moments. I need time to muse where the only sounds are the thoughts in my head. Of course, it means getting up before the sun, which is easier said than done these days...But I think it's well worth it.

And time...The time to focus on us, on our exchange of power, what our relationship is today and what we hope it will become...

The quiet is a lovely place. It is not silent, neither is it loud. It is simply a space unlike any other--a space to muse and focus.
On us.
On submission.
On Dominance.
On who we are and will one day be.


I went back to bed. And lovely things happened. Getting up before the sun? A very good idea indeed.


  1. It's a precious thing isn't it - all of it. It's what feeds us for the rest of the time.

  2. Yes... quiet is a something that I don't have much of either! Kids do keep us hopping... but you know... I know it's relatively temporary... someday the kids will be grown and S and I will be able to spend as much time as we want alone... till then we steal the moments that we can!!

    I get up like 2 hours before the kids start their day just to get my time in... then in the evening we get our time after bed time.... between... we are just the maid and butler to the young "masters"!! LOL

  3. sunnygirl, me too.
    I grew up and spent most of my life as a morning person. Then I had a job that went late and my schedule got all fuckered up.

    gg, omgoodness yes. Without it there's just to much constant noise in life to breath and see things clearly.

    Mikki, I was thinking last night how damn quiet it's going to be around here when they all grow up.
    And I'm still holding out on the claim that I am not a maid! For them anyways...It's a bit like putting my foot down though. The claim is usually made while I'm scraping laundry off the bathroom floor lol.


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