Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long Days Ahead

Today is going to be one of those exceptionally long days. You know, the kind where, regardless of the outcome, you remember it forever whether you want to or not.
They're always the longest days aren't they.

Life is a cyclical process. Sometimes we float in circles that push other circles to the side. Our sex life has been on the rocks. Well, that's an exaggeration--we haven't really had one at all lately.
And our D/s? It's there, floating below the surface, tucked quietly into a haze of decision making and events both within and beyond our control. He needed me to make the final call, the decision on direction. Probably so I couldn't complain about it later. So I decided. Then I asked if it was the way to go, because after all, the main weight falls on his shoulders.

It's funny you know, some people seem to think that submitting means not making decisions. And sometimes it does. But it doesn't mean we get to live outside of the world.

Wish me luck as we venture out and try to change our little corner of the world.

Because it is going to be a very long day.


  1. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. The hard choices are never easy but they always give the greatest opportunity for growth. I wish you luck and applaud your choice whatever it might be because I'm sure you have weighed all the options over and over and selected the one that is the best for everyone concerned.(even if they might not see it that way right now)Time is the great equalizer.

  2. I also wish you tons of luck in your decision process. I am sure whatever you decide will be what is best for everyone involved. You are one smart cookie!

  3. Hugs! The worse state to be in is the state of indecision. Best of luck

  4. Hugs for today lil. Everything will work out. :)

    Thinking of you.

    Fondly. Sky

  5. Good Luck, lil.

    No, we don't get to live outside the world, everytime I've tried the world hunts me down and drags me back.

  6. Good luck, lil. i've been thinking about you and your family - i wanted to comment on the one post, but couldn't think of the right thing to say in time - but will continue to hold you all in my thoughts and prayers.



  7. lil - i'm more like a guy when it comes to seeing people in difficulty - my instinct is to want to jump in and do - something, anything. I don't have words so much (i swear i'm not meant to be a girl) - but i do sincerely hope you and Alpha find the strength to face each step in this process.

  8. I'm sure you'll make the best decision you can lil. I'm not sure what else to say.... I guess just that I'm here and I'm listening.

    Dee x

  9. This is not going to be a useful comment. But best of luck. Hopefully the days ahead won't all be quite so long.


  10. sunnygirl, it's alwys the experiences providing the most growth that seem to be the most difficult to deal with lol. And yes, time will tell in this situation.

    His Slut, thank you. I left thinking that we had really made the decisions...And things were more complicated than we realized. But isn't life always? And we did accomplish our primary goal...

    Serenity, thank you. I needed that!

    Mindset, The thing about decisions is that events are evolutionary processes and shit changes. Dammit lol.

    Sky, thank you. I appreciate your thoughts.

    lm, thank you. Ooh, does it drag you by your hair too? Hell, I'm willing to keep reality if I can crawl under a rock while it does it's thing lol.

    aisha, I welcome any thoughts you may have about the last post. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

    gg, I have often looked at women and failed to feel any kinship whatsoever lol.
    And thank you. This is, I think, going to be a process that goes on and freakin on in one way or another.

    Dee, thank you. It's amazing what a difference just knowing someone is listening can make.

    zelda, ah, luck is always useful. I would be happy to trade the long days for some long nights of dead to the world, drooling on my pillow, kind of sleep.

  11. Positive thoughts sent your way via wireless technology.

    1. viemora, lord knows I need them! If I'm not thinking them, thank goodness someone is lol.
      Thank you.


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