Friday, January 13, 2012

Own Me Always

Yesterday morning, Alpha said he couldn't live without sex (I'm not the only one around here with a flare for the dramatic pft). Then I said I couldn't live without D/s.

We both knew we needed a reconnection. If for nothing else than sanity.

I had a traumatizing evening talking to babygirl while Alpha and the boys were crashed out. Anyone who says it's impossible to be traumatized by a four year old has never talked to one lol. I learn something sad about her life every day.

Anyways, Finally all were sleeping soundly snoring in their beds. And of course my husband was snoring soundly on the floor.
Can you believe he tells me I'm mean when I wake him up to go to bed? Inhumane I tell you.

To bed we went. As he was cumming in my ass I begged him to own me always. His responding "yes" sent shivers beyond orgasm down my spine. Ah yes, the thrill of hearing "all Mine." It extends through time and bypasses all those fine lines of life's crazy grind.

I may have to be the queen bitch upon occasion, but I'll always end up where I belong--firmly leashed at his feet.

Life is crazy. Love is good. Being human is a roller coaster ride, and ttwd is an amazing experience on the journey.

I need more coffee. And I may even catch up on my blog reading today as I put in some serious time cleaning the house yesterday.

Ahh, A suitably clean house, 2 out of three kids clean, back in my place where I long to be...Life may not be such a mess after all.


  1. Reconnection, yes, definitely helps maintain the sanity. I'm working on getting my sanity back, slowly. Of course it won't all come back cause some of it has been gone so long I don't even miss it anymore, lol. I hope this comment posts, I have been having a few issues accessing comments on some of the blogs and yours is one of them.

  2. It is thrilling, isn't it?

    Four year olds are surprisingly articulate and you can learn all kinds of things from them.. it's so sad that any of them have sad lives.

  3. My 4yr old daughter shocks me on a regular basis with how 'clued up' she can be! I think it's a girl thing sometimes. Glad you've reconnected and that things seem brighter :)

    Dee x

  4. Oh man, my nephew is 5, the stuff that comes out of his mouth my God.

    Recconnections are always the best and are always welcome... -purrrr-

  5. I'm so glad for you!!

    And yeah, 4 year olds can traumatize us for sure - in all kinds of ways...

    Thank goodness your connection is there again.


  6. Good to hear the happiness back in your voice (okay, in your writing, but still...), lil!

  7. I have no clue why the font in my comments section suddenly requires reading glasses...

    faerie, it posted! Blogger has been screwing with me in multiple ways lately lol.
    Wouldn't a sudden and complete influx of sanity be enough to keep a person batty forever? Slowly back to sanity is the only way to go.

    Conina, it is thrilling. And yes, people simply do not give small children enough credit for their ability to think and understand.

    gg, ooh, I'm rightttttttt! How do you think it would go over if I stood on the roof and broadcasted how right I am to the world? They'd probably haul me off lol.

    Dee, Oh I'm all about the brighter side...As long as the train doesn't run me over on it's way through lol.

    vanille, ahh yes, the unfiltered honesty of a five year old boy...It can be downright painful lol.

    aisha, thank you. And yea, I was unprepared for this particular kind of trauma, but live and learn right? Thank goodness for the connection sums it up nicely--I'd be headed over the edge to loonyville by now without it.

    Jake, I express misery fairly well lol. Trying to even things up! Thank you.


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