Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crazy I Tell You

It seems that the most interesting family conversations happen in the car or at grandma's these days...

Kid1: "she hit me!!!"
Babygirl: "he called me a bugger butt!!"
Kid2: "I wanna play too!!!!"
Alpha: "look, a pretty cloud!"
Kids: "oooohhh!"

Kid1: "She poked me in the eye Again!"
Babygirl, I didn't poke his eye out!"
Alpha: Don't poke him in the eye again! Remember how soandso was missing an eye?"
Babygirl: "But he didn't poke his eye out, he had an accident!"
Alpha to me, "put out or get out!"
Me, "drop me here please!"

And of course, from grandma's living room, kid2: "I have nuts, I have nuts, I have nuts!!!"
Unfortunately, he wasn't eating at the time...


  1. Ya gotta love em. They also pick the darndest place to express themselves.

    1. sunnygirl, that they do for sure lol.

  2. Well, what could be more exciting than having nuts???? lol...



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