Monday, June 11, 2012

D/s Withdrawal

Given the fact that thing1 detoxed here last month, this post, or at least its title, may be in poor taste. But I'm happy. So I don't really care. Lol.

I swear the man is more of a sadist than he thinks or is willing to admit.

He watches me go through all my withdrawal symptoms:

At first I'm cool--just little miss independent doin her thing
then I start thinking that maybe, "doin my thing" isn't really so grand after all
so I start being on my best behavior--"see, I can be a good girl, a really really really good girl!"
Nada. Zip. Zilch.

Alright, I'll ask really, really, Really nicely.
Well that didn't work...

So he doesn't care huh!? I'm going to file an unofficial complaint.

So here I come, waving my little, "official complaint."
Hmmm, Office must be terribly backed up, because I'm not even getting an automated message.

So hey, might as well bang on the door and raise a bit of a stink.
Ha. Damn doors must be made of soundproof iron.

So I slouch off in defeat.
I don't really need to be Dominated! I'm little miss independent with road rage.
So there!

Pretty, pretty please with a cherry and tears on top?!
I'll beg!!

Okay, I'm begging...

Never mind. *sigh* Now I'll just sink into a shallow grave of self pity and depression.

That bridge is calling my name...Life is pointless, my existence has no meaning, I now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he no longer wants to own me.
He doesn't even like me!

I'm gonna die in my Cheerios.

Then, like a million years later, he says:
"Do you need to be used little one?"

Oh. Great. Green. Freakin. Goddess.


  1. Lawls. You just summed up my life, there. XD

  2. Love your humorous descriptions of feelings. Is this an example of mindfucking? Giving mental pain to a masochist? Prolonged agony...


    1. Joyce,
      thank you.
      For me it's not what I really think of as a mindfuck. I mean, in a way it is because the whole circle fucks with my head. But I think of mindfucks as more of a deliberate process.
      If it was mindfuckery he had in mind, the circle would have ended at begging and before death in my cheerios.
      I think...

  3. "I'm going to die in my cheerios"
    I might just get a badge made :)

    1. Miss G,
      Maybe I should just be preemptive and have it plastered around the house on sticky notes for him to read?

  4. Very powerful. I got chills just thinking about those words being spoken. Oooooooooh. Chills.

    1. Bratty Aaline,
      Welcome to my crazy corner.
      And they are awesome words. Ironically, I usually hem and haw around the answer...Yea, not this time lol.

  5. When I read your title, I thought oh nooo. Then of course I read it! Grinning :D I think I'm just as excited and relieved for you! Lol!

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      Lol. I did question the title a bit...But it was the best description I could think of.
      My humor about these things tend to only show after the cheerio phase lol.

  6. I kind of just skip straight to the end of that series of emotions. Hm.

    1. Conina,
      I think I went through all of them except for the praise the heavens one several times this month...
      Though you know, I think that skipping though to the last one is far more to the point.

  7. and you thought he wasn't paying attention.

    1. sunnygirl,
      lmao. Right? He showed me. Lol.

  8. I go thru the emotions that you do but I don't act on them at first. The one I usually DO act on ends up with me accusing him of not caring and telling him we should just forget this whole thing. I know. Not the smartest move. Glad he DID notice before you died in your Cheerios tho.

    1. Fondlers Anonymous,
      It's really a terrible cycle that I haven't figured out exactly how to stay out of.
      And I'm glad too--no one wants to die in their Cheerios lol.

    2. LOL you can call me FA> the rest of blog world does. I realise it's a long long name innit? Sorry about that.

      thanks again for stopping by from time to time. I love your style. clever.

  9. I could follow all those emotions...:D

  10. I wish my withdrawal had a happy ending more often. Have to wait months in-between...(He travels for work.) I cannot get him home from the airport fast enough.

    1. Anon, that need can be difficult to cope with can't it.


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