Friday, June 22, 2012

Random Nothings

Laying crushed under his weight with my arms wrapped around his shoulders, I panted in his ear, "Does owning me make you happy?" Without pausing, he replied, "Yes. Very much so."

Being somewhat dense, I repeated the question twenty minutes later (you never know, sometimes we say things in the heat of the moment...I wanted to be sure he meant it).
In the dark I could tell that he was looking at me like I had turned green and sprouted horns, "Of course it does, I should punish you for even asking."

Okay then...Is it wrong that I passed out with a smile on my face?

That's the extent of our interactions this week lol.
Soccer camp is over and I gotta say--longest friggin week in history.

And I managed to bring home an insanity award to add to my stack of worst mother evers, bitchiest interfering sister of all time, worst sub ever, and most prudish whore of all time.
See, the woman who was orgainzing the camps won't be doing it next year. And if there's no one to organize it, they won't come here. So I told them that if absolutely no one else could, I would.
So lets all cross our fingers that the lady who volunteered doesn't back out between now and next year lol.

Alpha might have a job...Which would normally be cause for celebration, but it's in a different state so he would be spending alternating weeks at home. I'm not horribly keen on it.
The thing is, stuff like that was a lot easier before ttwd. But hey, I'll live. I might drown in my Cheerios, but I like to think he'll come drag me back out lol.

And now my couch is calling my name. Loudly. Nice to be missed isn't it?


  1. You don't have enough on your plate, so you take on soccer camp. You are a glutton for punishment.

    Glad Alpha loves you so and good that he had a job even if it means being away. You know you will be so happy to see him when he gets home.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. sunnygirl, lol I must be.
      Hopefully I won't have to do it though. The crappy thing is, there are so few programs for kids around here and this camp is really the best soccer skills activity that ever happens in our area.

      Alpha still has to hash out the details, so the job isn't a sure thing. But it's worth a try!

  2. Oh you have one of those needy couches too :D

    1. Mp, lol yes. In fact it's enticing me at this very moment to ignore the pit my house has become over the week.
      A bad influence if you ask me!


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