Monday, June 25, 2012

If You Thought I Was Random Before...

I got nothing interesting. Like my disclaimer? That way, no matter what kind of randomness I spout, no one can claim that they weren't warned lol.

I gave up on the formspring gadget, but I think I did find something that will work though it doesn't have an option for anonymous submission. I have no idea if it has a character limit or not, but I do know it works because I tested it out on myself lol.

Our anniversary is Wednesday and we get 24 whole hours to ourselves. Yea, we're still trying to figure out what to do with all that time--so many options!
The 27th is pretty much our everything anniversary--the day we met, the day we got together, the date we got married, my first collar was an anniversary present.
See, grouping things like that makes things so much simpler. There's so much less to remember!

Alpha has pretty much decided his terms for the out of state job. Now he just has to call the contractor back and see if the guy agrees to them. If it ends up being a go, it looks like he'll be gone for 7 days at a time.
Yea, it's been two years since I really spent any time at home alone. It would be a bit of an adjustment to say the least.
I have decided not to have a wish in either direction--if he gets it, we need the money. If he doesn't get it, well I didn't want to spend that much time home alone anyways! See, now I can be happy either way.

In other completely related news, I have decided to get my hair cut. Just a trim and some feathering up the front I think.
It's been a long time since I went and had it done professionally. I was not that happy with it last time--went in for a trim and some feathering up the front. Damn woman took off six inches and added a weird curve at the bottom (her idea of feathering up the front apparently), which made it nearly impossible for me to trim myself. Needless to say, I'll be going somewhere else this time.
I'm still nervous though--they cut off so damn much and my hair takes forever to grow. Someone's gotta fix the damage I did last time I cut it myself though lol.


  1. I am sure whatever happens with the job will be what is right for you two. The universe has away of working things out.

    Good Luck on haircu and Happy Anniverysary....make the most of yout time!

    1. dancingbarez,
      the universe does have its ways...Sometimes they're just hard to keep up with lol.
      Thank you thank you, and we will!

  2. So, how long have you guys been together? You mentioned the anniversary, but neglected to give the details. Yes, I'm nosy, I want to know, lol. Good luck with the haircut, I rarely ever get mine professionally cut. I hate the way they do it so if a trim is needed I do it myself. My hair is naturally curly and grows very fast, so it's easy to cover up any mistakes I might make :)

    1. faerie,
      lol, how could I omit such an obviously important detail? This anniversary will mark 14 years together, eight years married.
      My hair's straight and my mistakes are pretty obvious. It was so bad last time I had to get my mom to try and even it out. Alpha refused to touch it lol.
      Do you think they'll kick me straight out of the salon if I threaten to stab her with her own scissors if I'm not happy?

  3. Happy Anniversary a little early. Hope you guys enjoy your day!

  4. by the time i get to the 27th i'll forget, so HAPPY everything Anniversary :)

  5. I can so relate to the adjustments of work/living in this situation :o)

    1. BleuAme,
      It is a huge adjustment isn't it?
      It doesn't look like he'll get this job away from home and I'm totally okay with that. We're still just kind of waiting to see though...


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