Thursday, September 6, 2012

Any Ideas?

I have tried all my tricks.
Painkillers, ice, sending the children to bed, giving in to the urge to puke, lights on, lights off, feet up, feet down, the fetal position lol, etc.
I have tried everything short of decapitation (looking more appealing by the minute though), and the base of my skull still feels like my brains are being pulled out through it.

Anybody got any new tricks for me to try? I do believe it's from muscle spams in my neck and upper back (seems to be the usual diagnosis anyways).


  1. Ugh. Wish I had some new tricks to give. I hope you feel better soon. Spasms are definitely the suck. My knees have been out of wack the past few days..the rain needs to STOP so I can stop fricken hurting. :<

  2. I'm pretty good at trigger point release - but i don't think your neck stretches that far. I am sorry it's still so un-better. Could Alpha learn to do the massage/trigger point therapy?

  3. H hangs upside down when that happens, but we have an inversion machine... don't know anything else.

    Muscle relaxants?

  4. Try some Caffine free chamomile herb tea, and a hot bath. If you have lavender bath oils and a warm cloth over your eye lids and have some one massage your temples and the base of your neck

  5. I second the hot bath. Sometimes I am able to stretch my back by bending over and putting my chin towards my chest as much as I can - but in your condition that might hurt like a bitch.

  6. I can sympathize , I've had back muscle spasms since I was thirteen. I'd recommend tiger balm or icyhot back patches. For me at least I've also found that a black tea compress works nicely too. Also having it in your system doesn't hurt, so I tend to drink it while I put a warm tea compress on my back. I hope you feel better, spasms are sucky.

  7. Ah I'm sorry lil. I can only think of alternative therapies. I have no experience with such though really but anything would be worth a shot?

    Dee x

  8. I am sorry.

    A hot bath with Epsom salts.
    A heat pad applied to the area
    Massaging the area helps blood flow.
    Also I've heard certain balm can help but no idea which ones.

    Hope you get some relief soon.


  9. I must reiterate...heat, heat, heat! icing will likely make it worse, and sending the kids off will have you craning your neck to see what they're trying to get away with when you're not looking...ouch. If you can't get a massage, keep up the heat, lay flat as possible, and do try chamomile, if you have no muscle relaxants. Anything anti-inflammatory is a good idea too. And I'll send good juju at you, though I don't know if it will help....Maybe a good stiff drink?

  10. Ah Lil...I'm sorry. I'm sure that you've tried muscle relaxants.

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you, ladies for all the tips, well wishes, and good juju.
    It's settled into my neck and the base of my skull pretty good. I figure if I'm pathetic enough, the chiropractor will get me in before next Friday lol.

    Heat on my back and ice on my neck usually helps--but I don't usually vacuum ceilings lol.
    For today I'll be using the "ignore it" method cuz' I am off to work.

    gg--I would be happy to send you my head sans return fees!
    And I think it's well worth looking into Alpha being able to work some of those trigger points. When it gets this bad I don't know that anything else is really gonna have much lasting impact on it.

  12. Hey, have you checked out Renee Rose's spanking somatics posts? Maybe the one for shoulders would help?

  13. Hi there,
    If everything else has failed, I'd fry taking an extra dose of magnesium. It's a natural muscle relaxant and it usually works wonders. If this is a recurrent thing though, find the trigger, it'll go a long way in fixing it. Other than that, things that have worked for me are shiatsu, regular supplementation (make sure Calcium and Magnesium are in balance) and working out (believe it or not).
    Best of luck!

  14. Make an appointment to see your chiropractor. I know that's not the best answer. But I know when my C-vertebrae are out, I get the worst frickin headaches and migraines ever.

    Contrary to what others have said, do not use heat. Use ice. I know you said it wasn't helping, but keep using it. If there's any swelling, it'll decrease it. 15 minutes on, 30 minutes off. It'll also help to numb the pain. After about two hours, stretch your muscles out. It's gonna hurt, a lot since you're having muscle spasms. Get someone to help you stretch if you need to. Work through the muscle spasm. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Scream if you must. You need to stretch out the muscles.

    I've spent the last year and a half having my body fall apart on me on a daily basis. I was seeing a chiropractor 5 times a week last year. Believe me when I say ice is your ally. It's nerve pain and compression, what you're experiencing. Heat will help temporarily, and then you'll feel worse.

    I know you must have a very busy schedule, but include daily stretches into your routine. Even if it's just 30 seconds you can grab here and there. It'll improve your life.

    I also agree with more magnesium, also more potassium. Bananas, green veggies. Pill supplements if you must.

    And go see your chiropractor, please.

  15. Oh Lil, I am so sorry. The chiropracter always helped me-hope he can help you.

  16. OK, so the trouble I have isn't spasms, so this may miss the boat completely, but...
    I get relief by rolling around on top of a tennis ball.
    You put it on the floor, position yourself above it, then lower as much of your weight as you can stand onto it, and start rollin'.
    If you can visualize exactly what you look like doing this, the laughter will also help relax you...

  17. I alternate heat and ice and consume alcohol at a reasonable pace. Don't want to make a hangover, just relax that neck :)

  18. Thank you ladies.
    I was gifted by a minor miracle yesterday at work lol--an unheard of same day appointment with my chiropractor who is usually booked two weeks out. She's my go-to for this kind of stuff, but sometimes it's hard to wait lol.


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