Thursday, September 20, 2012

Learned a Few Things

Life is really just kicking my butt these days. I have things to do...But that requires motion. And motion is bad lol.

I have learned a few things lately though! Mind you, most of them are completely useless...

Glass figurines cannot fly.Well, they can...But their landings are no good.

It is actually possible for a child to sit in a chicken coop long enough to watch a chicken lay an egg. He showed extreme dedication (the kid, not the chicken).

No matter how many days of the month I do not work, I will always get my period on one of the days I do work. I'm pretty bitter about that one...

Being tired all the time does not mean you will sleep. Seriously, if this insomnia crap keeps up I'm gonna go postal--I waited nine years for my kids to sleep through the night, and now I can't sleep?!

Little gremlins live in my home and wait until all the laundry is done...Then they sneak out at night to hide one of every sock and fill up the laundry basket.

And that is the extent of my mental abilities for the week.

Edit hours later:
omgoodies, how could I forget the very thing that started this post in the first place?! Jellyfish don't have brains. I think they'll be very accepting of me. Apparently we are of a similar ilk.


  1. I am not sure which of your new found wisdoms made me smile more.

    No one said life is fair.


    1. Mindset, glad they made you smile.
      Fair, what's that? I forgot.

  2. They may be useless, but they are kinda amusing :)
    I think seeing an egg laid would be rather fascinating lol!

    Dee x

    1. Dee,
      Oh thank goodness--amusing is so better than whiny.

      Kiddo was soo disappointed that dad found the first three eggs (the chickens just started laying), he was Not going to miss out lol.

  3. Too funny girl. I've never seen a chicken laying an egg, I think I would like to see that. Glass figurines, who needs them, it just one more thing to dust. Just remember, Jellyfish STING.

    1. sunnygirl,
      He waited in there all morning for that egg lol.
      And I don't own any glass figurines...For very good reasons apparently lol.

      They sting too...How come I'm the only person so lacking all these important jellyfish facts?!

  4. I love and (sadly) identify with all of this. Except the jellyfish part. Honestly, a lack of a brain would be a blessing at night, when I was trying to sleep, since it is the brain that is mostly keeping me awake.

    1. Kitty,
      I'm sorry you can identify! I mean, I love good company and all, but some of it's rather rough lol.
      My brain has this tendency to work when it's not wanted and become amazingly vacant when it is needed...

  5. You learned all that wisdom, and then you compare yourself to jellyfish?
    Lots of people learn absolutely nothing in their whole life.
    One time in my life I looked after some chickens for three days.
    I so wished for fresh laid eggs. Not an egg in sight for the whole three days!
    One hour after those people returned and I left, there were lots of eggs. That child of yours was happy they did not make him wait for three days!
    All glass figurines are destined to end their life trying to learn to fly. Somehow they never get to the part of the course that deals with the landing part.

    1. Bas,
      Nice to see you again!

      I blame the jellyfish on Jz--she's the one who told me they don't have brains.

      Chickens are so funny. I think that if they had made him wait that long, he would have become absolutely intolerable moping around in disappointment.

      I have come to the same conclusion about glass figurines and I don't own any. Somehow though, everyone else does, which brings me into close proximity more often than i would like lol.

  6. You should write a would funny and deep and filled with life's little insights all at the same time. :) All I can say is I hear you! :D

    1. Adaline,
      thank you for the encouragement!


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