Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Memories in A World Divided

There are topics that I generally avoid on my blog because my views can be somewhat controversial, and I do not wish to see my little corner turned into a debate ground.
Upon occasion however, I do feel the need to dip my toes into something a little bit different.

Our memories are what make us stronger and (hopefully) prevent us from repeating past mistakes. We keep them with us, and eventually they become part of who we are.
The question is, do we remember truth, or do we remember that which we have been told to believe?
I think that very much depends on what part of this earth we inhabit.

Often, it is those closest to home whom we mourn.

But it is important to remember that we are all part of a bigger world.
And global actions come with consequences of global proportions.

We find destruction most painful when it occurs close to home.

But it is important to remember, that even though we live in a world divided

My children have not lived a day of their lives when their country was not at war.

We all share one earth.

When we hold to the belief that all life is important, one world is enough.

And even though we each most mourn our own

When they come home.

We are all very much the same despite our differences.

Every mother shares the same pain.

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  1. lil
    Yes. And what a beautiful job of saying something that i think most people know, but which is harder to really keep in mind.

  2. So beautifully said... Thank you.


  3. I agree with everyone, so beautifully said. If we would all just accept everyone the way we want to be accepted it would be a much better world.

    1. Thank you sunnygirl. It's kind of sad how controversial it can be to point out that we're all human in the same world!

  4. A beautiful post lil - and you are so right - memories are something that are with us every day of the year

    1. thank you Alice. I think it's important to remember that everyone has painful memories and everybody's pain matters.

  5. I love the line...Do we remember truth or that which we are told to believe... That encompasses the real lesson in loving everyone and to dream of a world where we realize and accept the humanity of everyone. All of us.

    1. Minelle,
      Thank you.
      It's easy to think that the truth is what we are told to believe.
      But in the end, it's just a way of not thinking for ourselves, and forming our own views of people and the world.


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