Wednesday, November 6, 2013


It should be illegal for a kindergarten book to have "Dick" and "Suck" on the same line...Hell, neither really belongs there at all.

My eldest kid is obsessed with being an ass who gets poor grades. Seriously, I don't understand how someone can act so brilliantly retarded...

My mother...Lets just say that she's being herself to a painfully irritating extreme.

I firmly believe that hormones were created to kill joy in any and all forms in which it may present itself (say that five times fast, I dare you).

It's cold.

It's only going to get colder.

I just spent 15 minutes on the phone with the state police because...Family is crazy. Literally.

We need a night and a day alone so very badly.

Have I mentioned that I got to see my 5 year old's heart broken for the very first time a couple of weeks ago? By his own grandmother no less--only big brother can spend the night.

I am now going to try my hand at fried green tomatoes. Cross your fingers that I make something edible.


  1. Sorry about the cold - I hate it. Hope the FGT turned out yummy. Ranch dressing or mariner are great with them.

    Life does suck - I don't remember that word being in Dick and Jane. lol.

    1. sunnygirl,
      I have yet to master the FGT. They were edible, but ranch would have helped. lol.

      lmao! No, I don't think suck was featured in Dick and Jane. Well, not in the original version anyways...

  2. Lil I'm so sorry to hear that life is serving up lemons. I say grab some tequila and salt and hit life head on!

    I completely understand how you feel about both of your sons. I have a son that is a social butterfly and doesn't seem to understand how important school is.

    I also have a mother in law that when we would go to her house she only would say hi to my husband and 2 of my boys....she would never say anything to me or my older son. It is absolutely heart breaking. My sister in law got her a wooden heart for mothers had little pink/blue hearts on it with each of the grandkids names on it. It had my husband 2 kids (that he never sees) and my 2 boys (that he is the father) but didn't have my oldest name on it. She proudly hung it in the door way where you would see it as soon as you walked in. I went bat shit crazy. My husband has been raising my son since he was 3 1/2, he has hit last name and calls him dad. Believe me when I say I get it. UGH

    I finally had to have it out with her. Things are a little better now! A little!


    1. Subrina,
      That sounds rather hateful of her! It's hard to watch your baby's heart get broken, especially by a family member.
      My mom is...Well, she can be a terrible bitch and not even notice it. We are about to that point of having it out.

      And sons grades...I don't understand what the problem it with applying one's intelligence!? Lol. Mine drives me nuts some days.

  3. Lil, life sure does have sucky period's doesn't it? Oh, and I'm with you on the hormones! Hope things are brighter for you soon


  4. Ugh, I don't see how she can invite only one grandkid.

    My littlest is kind of broken up that his brother gets to go on a four day field trip and he doesn't but at least that is understandable to him- different schools, different ages, different classes get to do different things.

    1. ksst,
      she always only takes the eldest (little one is five, low maintenance five at that).

      Our little one has times like that with his brother too, at least like you say, those are the kind of thing that make sense. My mom's just...There are days when I wanna kick her.

  5. Sorry lil!

    Sometimes when things get overwhelming like that, the best remedy is to turn it all off for a while. It sounds strange but focusing on just being pleasing and obedient and nothing else for a while kind of gets one through it (or at least makes it less intense when you start thinking about it again).

    It used to be really hard when it came down to the really big things (like the kids) but you are not ignoring it, you're just focusing on being what makes you happy for a while so you can better handle everything else.

    It sounds cheesy, it may not work for all but it has helped.

    1. dancingbarez,
      thanks for the ideas. I'll try it when I work my way back to that whole "submission works in my life" mindset...

  6. I love fried green tomatoes! I had them for the first time last year.

    I guess there are some advantages to living 1300 miles from your family.

    I feel you on needing a night and a day for the two of you. It's been 4 years for us... that really needs to change, like now.

    1. Misty,
      I think that there is a trick to those, and I have never managed to make them taste quite as good as I think they ought to...

      We live far away from the entire rest of the family...Think we got the short end of the stick. Lol.

      4 years!? I now feel like I shouldn't complain. We usually get a couple of nights a year.
      You totally need a night! This is when I wish we could just trade babysitting lol.


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