Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Question of Knife Play

Today we have some questions about one of my all time favorite forms of "play"...Seriously, sometimes he dangles the "threat" in front of me like crack. Works every time...

Roz asked:

"What it is about knife play that you like.  Are their specific aspects of it that tweak you?"
Oh geez, I'm a knife whore at heart--have been since before I even had a concept of "kink". I think that what I love about knife play, (besides an overall fascination with knives and swords in general) is the threat--one little intentional or accidental slip and...
It's a heady mixture, being fucked with a knife to one's throat. It tends to throw all internal concepts of consent out the door. While it is a very physical "threat", it can also be a bit of a mind-fuck.
I enjoy the pain of a knife dragging across my skin. Though, this enjoyment is really limited to knives--not any sharp object will do, and I will run from a pair of scissors faster than most people think I can move! More like nails on a chalkboard than an object of excitement, I guess...
We are taught as kids that knives are dangerous, (because they are) and I think that perception carries over quite nicely into knife play.

"I'm curious about care of the 'implements'.  Are they reserved solely for this activity and not for anything else? what about the maintenance of them ... cleaning, sterilizing, sharpening etc?"
We do have a couple of knives in our toy box--a large skinning knife and a smaller, sharper version. Though he has been known to come after me with a large kitchen knife upon occasion...Honestly, for me, the bigger and sharper the better.
He really hates blood. To the point where he won't even watch medical shows with me--if it's supposed to be inside the body, and it's not him pissing all over me, he's out. I also have a tendency to scar quite impressively, so our knife play doesn't tend to involve any actual cutting (his preference). Since our play doesn't usually involve blood, I've never been terribly concerned with sterilizing them (though the responsible person hiding in my dark little heart does say it's always good to sterilize everything whenever possible). How I clean them is also often dependent on exactly where they have been...I usually just clean them with hot water and dish soap like I would any kitchen knife used for cutting meat.
 As I said, we have two knives in the toy box--one fairly dull, and the other he keeps quite sharp. As a general rule, he won't sharpen my kitchen knives because I'm notoriously good at attempting to cut off digits while slicing vegetables.

"What parts of the body are 'fair game' for knife play?  Are there taboo areas?"
I can't speak for anyone else here, but all parts of my body are fair game. As a general rule, he always treats my scars like delicate china, and avoids them at all costs--they are extremely painful, sensitive to touch, and prone to being easily irritated.
Other than that...The more "Taboo" the area, the more I like it. A fact which he has no problem holding over my head and using to make me squirm in the way that only liking something which seems terribly wrong can do. I'm pretty much happy to offer up any and all parts and holes when it comes to knives...Well, I like to think that nose, ears, and belly button are off limits to all things but he does like to mess with me sometimes just because he knows I hate anything touching any of those areas (don't care if it's a feather, come near my belly button and I will do anything possible to get out of it).

Thank you for the inspirations! I hope that I addressed your questions sufficiently.


  1. What can I say but I've been here. Hi.

  2. We went to a knife play class where the presenter went for the corner of the eye. With the knife. Didn't cut, but pressing in the dull part. As much as I like knife play I couldn't stand to watch and blinked quite long and hard during that bit. Otherwise, I love it.

    I'm the same as you about my belly button. Not for touching! Not that Master listens to me, he messes with it anyway.

    1. ksst,
      hmm, yes...Just reading your comment is making me blink unnecessarily!

      Oh good grief, my belly button would totally be a hard limit and have a "No touch" zone clearly marked around it at all times if he allowed it. I absolutely hate having my belly button touched in any way.

  3. I think I could get into knife play. Though I heal nicely enough, scarring is not something I want, so anything that breaks the skin would be tricky for me.

    I have to say, I do not like him doing anything to my ears (belly button is close behind). He likes my ears though (cringe!).

    1. Misty,
      it is an addictive pastime, to be sure!

      And yea...Messing with someone's belly button is just not okay! Not okay! Some of us have limits dammit! Ahem.

  4. Ah damn it.
    Miss the sharps. Bad.

    1. Bleuame,
      Me too. It has been a Very long time. A very long time indeed...

  5. skinning knife! *shivers* Er, no.
    Especially as my husband sharpens our kitchen knives - expensive ones from Japan as he does like to slice with little effort - on a frequent basis. Daily probably. He so likes sharp knives, he takes them on holiday in case the ones provided are blunt, which they usually are.
    Scarily, somewhere in this house is a dissection kit from my days as student. I must have been made of tougher stuff back then.
    As for belly buttons, ironically my has suffered so many surgical intrusions that it is a mess of scars.
    Tell me about the cup instead :)

    1. DelFonte,
      I have one knife like that...I get to use it to cut the chocolate squares for chess cake. Impressive, right? Lol.

      He's dedicated to his knives!

      The cup...The damn cup! Coming up next....

  6. oh ffs, i made a comment, hit publish, but it hasnt appeared!!!

    try again....

    Although we engage in knife play its not something im really comfortable with, it puts me on edge, but not in a good way, and i cant quite explain why that is, but i do like it to cut, only because i have a bit of an obsession with blood lol, but i dont want to see it, the knife that is, having it traced accross my skin freaks me out.

    I enjoyed this post because its not something you see written about here in blogland, and it was also nice to see it written about so positively which generally when i have come across posts about knife play it tends to be of a negative slant.


    1. tori,
      I hate it when Blogger eats my comments! Wonder if they go the way of the socks...

      It's interesting to me how we all respond differently to various things...

      Thank you! It's hard for me to think of it in anything except for a positive light!

  7. I scar terribly too. So no or maybe very little blood - he doesn't seem to mind a minor amount of more permanent marking. But yea - i love the knives - even though I KNOW he won't ever actually harm me - somehow the tension and risk are still overwhelming. I love the way you write about this.

    1. gg,
      It's a pain being a walking scar factory! Sometimes, quite literally...

      Hmmm, yes--that knowing doesn't erase the anticipation and possibility...And that's pretty awesome in my mind.
      Thank you.

  8. Hi Lil, thank you so much for answering my questions. Ebjoyed reading your answers and found them interesting.

    As I told you, I did debate whether to ask the questions. I had read a little bit about knife play and was curious about ... you know ... how it's done, the inns and outs etc.

    Interesting that in your case there is no cutting. I guess I wrongly assumed there always would be. I have absolutely no bas for that lol

    Nose, ears and belly button huh? LoL. Ooh, I can't stand my belly button being touched. That and my toes, especially between them lol. A fact Rick sometimes like to exploit!


    1. Roz,
      thank you for the questions! I am very glad that you asked.

      Yea, cutting is pretty much a limit for him, lol.

      Oh man, the belly button should really be off limits!! It's really...Just thinking about having it messed with makes me cringe!


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