Thursday, September 18, 2014

Inspiration?! Please...?

I could talk about how the car we're trying to give my mom broke down right before we took mine in to get fixed, and the bill was astronomically higher than I had hoped, or how stupid it is that my personal computer won't connect to the internet anymore, or how home schooling sixth and first graders at the same time is kicking my ass, or how much living in limbo sucks,or any other number of perfectly reasonable complaints...But I don't want to.

I want to think and absorb as many D/s thoughts as I can before life really turns upside down...



  1. I've bookmarked this post, and will come back tomorrow morning with some ideas.. I have the start of some ideas in my head, but I have like 10 things going on at once here, and need to let the idea finish forming! lol.


    1. Amber,
      I am looking forward to your return visit!

  2. *How do you feel that you can offer him your submission without him having to obtain it? How does he know without enforcing rules? Are rules necessary all the times?

    1. Anon,
      thank you for the questions!

      I will endeavor to answer them adequately; however, I must admit to a bit of confusion...
      How do I offer my submission without him actively trying to get it from me?
      And how does he know I'm submitting if he isn't enforcing rules?
      I do hope that I am correctly interpreting your questions...

  3. Sorry, not a though in my head beyond, "homeschooling 1st AND 6ths graders? Holy Moly"

    1. lm,
      In all fairness, there's only one of each of them...But it sometimes does feel like being locked in an inescapable room with cannibalistic hordes trying to kill me with spears and various flaming objects while I'm trying to decipher rocket science equations...

      I'd say it's going rather well...

    2. People ask me why I don't homeschool when I'm home anyway. I should tell them that. I have a feeling that some of us would not survive the experience. Me, the kids, Master, someone would perish.

    3. ksst,
      Some days are better than others, but All days are a lot of friggin work.

      We're hoping to be able to get them into a good school for the next semester. Failing that, We'll probably have to survive until high school. Hopefully that "We" includes the children...

  4. One of your posts recently helped and inspired me greatly and i was able to write a post myself, so hopefully this helps:

    Has there been a time where you had to have a more dominant personality with others and found it difficult to bring your submissive side back out when around your Master? How did you do it?

    What advice would you give to someone just entering this lifestyle?

    What is the hardest thing for you when it comes to TTWD and having kids?

    i am sure you have written on some of these topics before, but as time moves forward, sometimes perspectives change. :-)

    1. Foxy Canidae,
      Ooh, thank you! I might be able to get a few posts out of these...

  5. Is there anything you do to feel more peaceful and settled in your day? Does it relate to him and to your submission or is it about taking "me time" for yourself?


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