Sunday, July 1, 2012

100 Things Minus Some

So I have seen a few of these "100 things about me" posts lately, and since I am all empty on inspiration of my own, I figured I would borrow the idea (can you actually borrow ideas?).
I find reading them interesting because you find out things you would never have known otherwise.
Though I can't guarantee that this will be in the least bit interesting lol.

1. I'm great at starting projects. Not so great at finishing them--that's why this list will probably never make it to 100.

2. I have green eyes.

3. I have a fifth grade education but maintained a 4.0 in college.

4. I wouldn't last a day on my own in New York City, but leave me on my lonesome in the mountains and I'm good.

5. I am that interfering woman who will run across the street to grab someone elses kid before they stick their finger in an electrical outlet while completely failing to notice the parent glaring at me.

6. I grew up without electricity and running water.

7. The last time I walked into a mall with my purse I set off every metal detector I went through.

8. I have ordered myself exactly one alcoholic beverage in my life.

9. People scare me. Animals don't.

10. I read The Mists of Avalon when I was 8, and Conversations With God when I was 10.

11. I'm still afraid of the dark.

12. I have never lived alone. Possibly contributing to number 11?

13. I temporarily misplaced my mother at a concert with 100,000 people. The kids yelled at me that I lost grandma. I say it doesn't count because I did find her lol.

14. This list might not even make it to 20.

15. I once threatened to beat the crap out of my neighbor with a large tree branch (he was the one holding it, and he said it first!)

16. I think snakes are cool.

17. I never thought anyone would read this blog.

18. I always wanted to live far away from where I grew up. Every morning I wake up and see the mountain I grew up on. I made it almost exactly three miles away from my childhood home lol.

19. I think this list might have been a bad idea--I'm boring myself.

20. I got heatstroke when I was 12 and to this day getting too hot makes me sick.

21. I have had chronic headaches for a year.

22. People think I'm scary but that's just because my husband tries to make me sound mean.

23. I may be the least forgiving person I know.

24. I watched my father die.

25. I gave birth to my kids without drugs. It's an overrated concept.

26. The one really creepy dude in every crowd will inevitably approach me.

27. My dermatologist told me I was the whitest person he had ever seen form such prolific keloid scars.

28. I tend to cry when I'm angry.

29. I don't know how to deal with girl children or their mothers.

30. I have been told that I make awesome green chili stew.

31. My obsession with knives didn't start with D/s--I was the only eight year old I know who's hobby was throwing knives.

32. I quit walking on the gym treadmills when I was pregnant with our second son because an old lady on oxygen put me to shame.

33. I used to be very good with a bow and arrow.

34. There has never been a point in my life when I didn't have a dog.

35. I worry about everything.

36. I can drive one lane mountain roads in two feet of snow all day long but have panic attacks if I have to drive in the city.

37. This list just might make it to 50.

38. I don't consider myself to be dramatic, but I have no qualms about claiming that I would die if I had to live without coffee.

39. I used to have nightmares about being burnt alive in churches (make whatever you want of that one lol).

40. I think that everyone has the right to believe in whatever God[s] they want--I just don't want that belief shoved down my throat.

41. I think that all stuck up women should be left alone in the woods over night.

42. I don't enjoy sex without D/s.

43. I don't find men without an air of Dominance in the least bit attractive no matter how gorgeous they are.

44. I know what career I really want but am to chicken to go for it.

45. I have no female friends (possibly related to numbers 23 and 41).

46. My libido sucks.

47. I tutored college algebra while taking the class.

48. I count on my fingers but make sure my kids don't see it.

49. I tend to be self conscious. 

50. I hate it when women I don't know walk up to me and say they hate me because I don't look like I have two kids.

51. I will never own a Kindle because I believe books are precious. Plus they just smell good and there's nothing quite like staring at a shelf full of them.

52. I have really wide feet and none of the cool shoes fit me.

53. Jealousy is my least favorite emotion to experience.

54. I think that anyone who made it this far deserves to go read something interesting.

55. Maybe one of these days I'll do 56-100.


  1. lmao but lil i think it is interesting because it gives that little bit of insight other than the general D/s stuff, i did a little list about the vanilla me myself a while back and i actually found it harder writing vanilla trivial bits than i do D/s and bdsm.

    The thing is my mates think my life is a bit exciting (the few that know of my type of relationship) and really its not lol

    tori x

    1. tori,
      it's kind of hard to come up with this stuff isn't it? I guess it probably shouldn't be given that it's ourselves we're talking about...

      Lot's of things are more exciting on the outside looking in lol.

  2. Speaking as a woman who's never birthed any babies but has a body that looks like she's pushed out at LEAST 4 or 5, I'm thinking you could do worse than #50.
    Just sayin'....! ;-p

    1. Lol Jz.
      It's a compliment right? I guess the thing is, they don't see what I see--a lot can be done with the right bra and a pair of pants that makes your ass look like it's where it should be.

      I mean, I don't walk up to the woman with an ass to die for and say I hate her--I think it silently lol.

  3. We actually have a lot in common LOL I want to make a list of my own but I'm big at procrastinating. There are lots of moms near me that act holier than though all the time. I'm pretty sure that they may be secretly jealous of others but their noses are so far up in the air I wouldn't know. I'm also afraid of the dark and have never lived alone. And also never thought anyone would read my blog. Have a good night! :D

    1. Adaline,
      Ooh, with enough procrastination, one could get a years worth of blogging out of something like this lol.

    2. You can see I have a bad case as it took me this many days to get back here! :P

  4. Oh lil, ROFLMAO, you are so wrong about number 45. I am your friend, I'm still laughing so hard, cause I identify with a ton of these. In fact as I read them again, the list of differences is far shorter then the list of ways we are alike. I loved it and hope you do the next half of the list soon :D

    1. faerie,
      Oh oh, #56 could be an amendment to #45!
      Thank you.

  5. I enjoyed reading your list, Lil. And, it was interesting:)

  6. Lil,

    Thank you for making me laugh.

    Mr. No Name

    1. Mr. No Name,
      always glad to provide a laugh.

  7. #51. I love the smell of actual physical books too! There's something about actually feeling a page move in your hand. Not that virtual "swipe" across the screen stuff.

    You're already way ahead of a lot of us. I don't think I'd be able to get STARTED on a list like this...

    Good job!

    1. FA,
      right? Books are just awesome all the way around. I even keep books I don't like lol.
      It's funny how hard it can be to think of things about ourselves.

  8. I love this list. Is it ok if one day I "borrow" your "borrowed" idea and make a list of my own?


    1. tranquility,
      I don't think that one can really be stingy with borrowed ideas lol. So have at it!

  9. Lil, I count on my fingers as well and I have graduate degree in applied mathematics,oh and I taught my kids to as well. I must admit I do have and love my kindle but I still buy "real books" as well for the reasons you mentioned.

    1. Sir J,
      I taught my kids how to count on their fingers too. But the basics of math have always been my downfall, and I figure that when my kid wants to argue about a grade is Not the time to be caught counting on my fingers lol.

      I do think that the concept of a Kindle is cool...It's the whole tactile experience that come with books that I just can't get over.

  10. lil, thanks for the comical insight. I could relate to alot. I hate wide feet!!! why can't they make wide shoes cute????

    1. Mindset, yvw.
      And it's just crummy walking into the shoe isle and seeing they were all made for petite feet. Then you find the one pair that fits and it's not something you want! So you leave dreaming about the pair that might fit if you amputated your toes...

  11. Lil,
    Thanks for sharing a little about yourself.

    1. Joss, yvw. I'm aiming to make it to 100 sometime soon. But like I said, I'm not good at finishing projects lol.

  12. loved your list! have a good fourth of july

  13. Love your list. It makes me admire and respect you even more.


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