Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adjustment--or Lack Thereof

So I thought I was doing super good with this whole adjustment thing (yes, I know--passing judgement before the first week was up might have been slightly premature).

All it took was his sixth day in a row at work to completely disabuse me of the notion. Add to that the fact that he suggested the possibility of taking his second day off on one of the two days I work next week? Here comes little miss independent with her snarky attitude.

We have been in one of those down cycles lately--lots of life stuff, not so much D/s stuff.
I thought that might make the adjustment to him working full time and then some slightly easier. Uh...No.
In fact, I think it made it somewhat worse. Because now it feels like aeons...

He's up at five, stumbles home after seven, eats, and passes out on the couch. That's not a new turn of events by any means--it's how he lived for years.
But I didn't miss it in the least. And I do miss him. It's the drawback to larger jobs.

Geez, it's been one whole week lol. I had better come up with some way of adapting soon before Little Miss Independent tries to take over like hormones and ruin my month.
Oh yea, hormones...Did I mention they're currently trying to turn me to the dark side?

On the bright side...

I got my fix. So did Little Miss Independent.


Only the best of men will apologize for leaving one with an overwhelming load of projects and two raging children by approving a book shopping spree.


  1. But a book shopping spree can cure so many things that ail us!



  2. Book shopping is so much better than ordinary shopping.

    1. Bas, Oh it is the best...What is ordinary shopping, food?

  3. The only problem is 2 kids leave little time for reading- unless they are school age- hopefully?

    1. ancilla,
      the big one is. But unfortunately, I'm an insane masochist, so he's home-schooled.
      Without the kids, I can suck down 400-500 pages in a day. They slow me down a bit so it works out--makes the books last a little while longer lol.

  4. ahh you have my sympathies, one of the biggest areas that cause problems with the bossman and i is his work, he works long hours and when home is holed up in the office for hours.

    He is away quite a bit as well, sometimes if we can arrange care for the children i get to go with him but thats not often, when he is home and not in the office umm yeah snoring away on the sofa lol

    I think maybe a way of looking at it is, or rather it works for me is that its not a lack of D/s stuff because thats constant, its who you both are so it is activily happening, just that there is perhaps no kink going on..does that make sense?

    But a book spree...oooh i think that would keep me happy for a while.


    1. tori,
      there is definitely something about the need to bring one's work home that makes it a bit harder.

      That does make sense, and I like it!

      And yea...A book spree is an awesome event!

  5. Yeah life does really get in the way, makes it really hard. I know. I hope you guys figure something out soon.

    1. Julia,
      eh, it's the nature of his work. He's been getting a lot of downtime lately, so I got spoiled.
      Thank you.

  6. Book shopping - he really is feeling guilty for leaving you on your own so much. Have to love him for knowing how hard it is on you.

    1. sunnygirl,
      yes, and the fact that he knows exactly where all my happy buttons are is an added bonus.

  7. did someone say book shopping? sigh. .. i have no more space on my bookshelves... or side tables... or decorative trinket rack... or coffeetable... oh what is a girl to do???

    1. Fondles,
      He did ask me where in the hell I was going to put them since there's one big shelf in the bedroom, one narrow shelf in the living room, and some miscellaneous stuffing areas around the house for books.
      I'm thinking I can double line a couple of the shelves in the living room lol.

  8. What kind of books do you shop for? I love books also!!!!!

    1. Brattyredsub,
      I must admit that I'm a bit of a fiction addict.

      This time I ordered a couple of series written by Jaqueline Carey. I read her Kushiels series and loved every one of them. I also ordered a series that I have owned book one of for years lol, the Wayfarer Redemption series by Sarah Douglas.
      I just started reading a book called The Sixth Surrender by Hana Norton. I'm only a few pages in, but so far it looks promising.

      Ooh, and if you haven't read them, I highly recommend Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. The woman is a brilliant writer and creates characters that I just couldn't get enough of.
      I know you weren't necessarily looking for book recommendations. That series is just so wonderful I couldn't help myself lol.


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